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This makes the round cut one of the most fantastic of all the round diamond cuts and a popular alternative for solitaire engagement rings. The simplicity of the shape complements the diamond, keeping the focus on the shimmer and quality of the stone itself. Round shape diamonds are typically the most costly of all diamond cuts due to a variety of elements.

Another aspect is the reasonably low yield of GSDiamonds Australia, which results in the stone costing more on a per carat basis. rose. A rough diamond is often a cubic shape while a round diamond is a cone-shaped shape.

This results in the remaining stone being priced greater per carat. They both have very similar specs but the round diamond is visibly more expensive. It is estimated that a round diamond can cost up to 35% more than an expensive shape – antique.

8 Easy Facts About Best Setting For Round Diamond Explained

If sticking to a specific budget plan is important to you, then it might be a great concept to think about a different shape. Cut is probably the most important element when it pertains to grading a round diamond. It is a diamond’s brilliance that makes it so unique and the quality of its light efficiency is affected by the quality of the cut.

The cut refers to the proportion and technical aspects of the faceting, while the shape refers to the geometrical shape of the stone. GIA has actually created a grading system that enables labs to offer round diamonds a cut grading, varying from Excellent, Great, Good, Fair to Poor. On a side note, only round diamonds are offered a cut grade by the GIA (although the AGS grades the cut of both round and princess shapes).

Cut consists of numerous elements, as this diagram shows: While the cut grade is essential, it’s more crucial to have a look at how the stone connects with light and whether it looks excellent to the eye. The cut is one element where it’s best not to compromise too much, you could still choose a gorgeous diamond low on the cut scale.

Some Known Factual Statements About Best Setting For Round Diamond


You do not want there to be windowing or termination on your diamond due to bad light performance. The majority of merchants have their signature cut grade that goes beyond GIA’s Excellent. If you’re searching for the very best cut, take a look at James Allen’s Real Hearts diamonds, which are a few of the best cut diamonds available.

However, while the visual distinction between these grades can be undetectable, there is frequently a big price distinction. Some individuals prefer warm-toned diamonds that are on the lower end of the scale K grade and listed below. This is likewise a good idea if you’re choosing rose or yellow gold metals for your ring, as the tints in the stone will not be very clear when placed next to these metals.


The savings will be significant. Have a look at these 2 diamonds below, which are very comparable in every way other than that a person is a D and the other a K. The distinction in cost? $4,360! The size of the diamond should likewise be taken into account when selecting the color.


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