The Most Trending Short Haircuts For Men

mens short haircut

Short haircuts for men have been there since time immemorial. Short haircuts are very common among men because they are very easy to maintain. Most men don’t like the effort that comes with styling and maintaining long hair. There are limitless ideas of short hairstyles that men can try. Men should focus on the short haircut that compliments their facial shape.

Regardless of the fact that there are so many short haircuts that men can try, choosing one may be a challenge that gets most men in a dilemma. Your hair stylist should be able to guide you on the most suitable hairstyle, depending on your hair texture and face shape. Below are some ideas for short haircuts for men that could inspire you.

Trending Short Haircuts For Men

1. The Fade

This idea is about a contrast in hair length where the short hair gradually increases to longer hair. Sometimes the hair, in this case, may be cut close to skin level, which is referred to as the skin fade.

The fade is supposed to blend the two lengths perfectly and smoothly hence the gradual increase in the hair length. The fade normally goes down the sides and the back of the head and transitions to longer hair at the top and at the crown of the head.

2. Taper Fade

A taper fade is almost similar to a fade. The difference is that the taper features longer hair. A taper graduates from the short length on the sides and the back to a significantly longer length on the crown and top. A taper fade is paired with short haircuts for men but with a well-defined contract between the lengths.

3. Shape Up

The basic concept for this idea is a perfect and straight hairline. The idea is created by carefully removing the hair around the hairline to develop a well-defined straight line.

4. An Undercut

The basic concept behind this concept is the shorter sides and back. This haircut idea is considered traditional because today, anything with shorter sides and back is called an undercut, which disqualifies the term as a haircut idea.

5. Disconnect

Just like the term suggests, there is no connection between short and long hair. No fade shows, just a gradual change in the length of hair, but instead, the short hair drastically connects to the longer strand.

This style has short sides and back, but no fade or taper gradually connects with the longer hair at the top.

6. The Crew Cut

This is one of the classic men’s short haircuts. The crew cut is trendy because it is stylish yet easy to maintain. The crew cut is perfect for men with square face shapes and generally thick hair.

The crew cut is often confused with the military cut, but they are not the same thing. The crew cut has a bit longer length, which offers the opportunity to explore various styling techniques, unlike the military cut.

7. The Buzz Cut

This is a very short but stylish haircut. It is the perfect option if you are looking for a very professional look on your head. It gives you the army look and is ideal for those with naturally thick hair.

8. Short Hairstyle With Finger Waves

Once you have had the hair cut to the style and length of your choice, you can add waves using your fingers. It is perfect for those that have wavy or curly natural hair.

9. Ivy League

This haircut idea is also known as the business look. It can be done on any hair, whether straight or curly. The sides are left short, and the top is styled with a defined side part.

10. Side Part Fade

The side part is a timeless haircut that men of all ages can do. It serves as both a formal and casual haircut. It only requires a little work in styling and maintenance, except for regular trips to the barber to keep the side cut clean and defined.

11. Medium-Length Natural Quiff

This idea may require a bit of effort to style and maintain. However, it is perfect for men who want to show off their style and are ready to work on styling their hair.


Short haircuts for men are a timeless trend that never seems to go out of fashion. With so many ideas to choose from, consider your facial shape and hair texture before settling on a short haircut. The fade, taper fade, shape-up, undercut, disconnect, crew cut, buzz cut, short hairstyle with finger waves, Ivy League, side part fade, and medium-length natural quiff are just some of the many short haircut ideas that men can try. Regardless of choice, the key is to find a short haircut that is easy to maintain and complements your overall style.


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