The Latest Technology to Assist with Senior Living


Assist with Senior Living

People of all ages enjoy the many perks that technology has to offer, from endless games for entertainment to smart homes that can be managed from halfway across the world. But an often-neglected group in the advancement of technology is the senior citizen, despite its ability to keep this cohort group independent, provide activities, and keep the connection going with family and friends. We take a look at some technologies designed specifically for this age category.

Wearable Technologies 

The propensity for falls in the elderly is high and puts them at risk of injuries such as loss of consciousness, hip displacement, or broken limbs. Some wearable technologies provide a feature called automatic fall detection. It will be alerted by a big change in speed and altitude that happens suddenly. The person will be asked if they need assistance through an app connected to the senior’s cell. If no response is received, it requests immediate emergency help and notifies a relative.

In addition to monitoring your movements and location, wearables track heart rate, exercise, calories consumed, and sedentary activities such as standing and sitting.

Automated Pill Dispensers 

Automated pill dispensers are the handiest gadget that senior citizens can get. They can provide ten separate medicines at the correctly scheduled times. These dispensers can hold all the tablets required for the next three months in advance.

An added feature of many automatic pill dispensers is an app that they are linked to. This application will record exactly what medications have been taken, when, and the dosage. When the pills are getting close to finished, the app will notify the senior to renew their script. It can also arrange for their new medicines to be delivered to their premises.

This new aid is indispensable for those in senior living Dallas assisted care as it enables them to stay in charge of their medication. When deprived of this aspect of self-care, senior citizens can feel helpless when they are in pain and dependent on someone else to medicate them. Having this control makes it easier to wait until the right time to take meds, thus ensuring accurate doses. 

Robotics For Emotional Wellbeing 

Robotics is an advancement in technology that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI). The field has come up with some brilliant new designs. These innovations specifically support the elderly to keep them engaged and stave off loneliness. 

Robotic pets are almost identical to real dogs and cats. My seniors crave the companionship of a pet but live in facilities where this is not allowed or are unable to care for their animals properly anymore. Else they may have allergies that prevent them from keeping a pet. A robotic pet has a heartbeat and responds to the human when it is touched. 

AI has contributed to the invention of intuition robotics. This device keeps senior citizens in contact with their loved ones by starting conversations with family members. It enables the person to record and send a video or photos and has a reminder that tells the person when to take their medication. 

Senior citizens have special needs and technologists have paid attention by creating products for this group. 


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