The Importance of Parental Controls in a Cyber World


Parental Controls

The digital world offers many benefits. Users can socialize, share information and create new things from the comfort of their homes. However, this convenience comes at a cost: Many online threats can endanger users, especially young ones.

Cyberbullies, sexual predators and phishing schemes are common threats that parents need to be aware of. Luckily, there are tools available that simplify web monitoring and control, empowering parents to keep their children safe while using the internet.

What Are Parental Controls?

Parental controls allow parents to limit and track the content that their children can consume. They give parents the flexibility to decide what content is allowed, when it can be accessed and for how long.

Parental controls are commonly used for controlling access to music and TV services, video games and mobile devices. By filtering out unwanted websites and content, parents can ensure their children aren’t exposed to inappropriate media.

Monitoring services like LifeLock offer parental controls to users so they can protect themselves and their children.

Why Are Parental Controls Important to Have?

For many parents, controlling their children’s access to digital content is a constant struggle. After all, there are so many different types of websites and applications that it’s impossible to check them all yourself. 

Parental controls provide a single point of contact for parents to outline what content they do and do not want their children to consume. While it’s possible to blacklist specific websites, you can also filter out broad categories, effectively blocking thousands of websites with the press of a button. This saves time and energy while ensuring children are protected from many common digital threats.

Thanks to a wide range of tools and settings, parental controls make it easy to monitor content, limit screen time and manage which features their children use. Below are some common use cases.

Monitoring Devices

By using parental controls, parents have access to intuitive monitoring solutions that allow them to establish rules for online activity and track important metrics such as location, sites visited and accounts that have been set up. 

Internet-enabled devices are vulnerable to malicious threats targeting their users, but with parental controls, your children will be better protected and can use the internet safely.

Setting Screen Limits

While there are many added benefits to using the internet, evidence suggests that mobile devices and computers can be addictive to young users. This makes it essential for parents to have control over how often their children access their devices and for how long.

Parental controls are a powerful solution for parents that want to set screen limits for their children’s online activity, letting you define how long specific applications can be used and by whom.

Managing Features

While some applications are useful for accomplishing important tasks, others present a real threat to mental health or safety. Parental controls are a great way for parents to decide which features and capabilities their children have access to online. This way, it’s possible to view browsing history, preview content and record ongoing activity.

The right cybersecurity package helps protect you and your children while on the internet. With the right tools in place, families can have peace of mind while children are using their computers and phones.

Make Sure Your Family Is Protected

With so many potential risks to internet users, it’s important to ensure that you and your family are protected. Fortunately, protective software provided by companies like LifeLock offers simplified digital management services so you can control the content your children consume and view. 

Thanks to parental controls, you will be able to protect your children online and know that they’re safe.


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