The importance of computer security and cybersecurity

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The importance of computer security and cybersecurity

From computers to telephones, the internet is everywhere. Today, businesses rely more than ever on this tool. They use it to become more efficient in their daily work, but also to enter new markets. The Internet, with its ability to change the world, poses a significant threat to businesses that are increasingly dependent on it. Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise every day. That’s why it’s important to know to ask yourself: What is your Technology wolf?

Cybersecurity must be taken seriously by businesses who must ensure that all necessary controls are in place to prevent cyber attacks. It is of utmost importance for companies that process sensitive data. This unanimous awareness will therefore create/open up many professional opportunities.

The different types of cyberattacks

Companies that have not integrated an optimal IT prevention policy are subject to many dangers, here are a few examples:

– Computer viruses: they work especially when a security system is faulty or nonexistent. These can corrupt or partially or completely destroy files within the company.

– Ransomware: malicious computer programs that block or even limit access to a company’s computer system. Their main goal is to make the files inaccessible by encrypting them and to demand ransom from their owners for the decryption key.

– Denial of Service (DoS) attacks: This computer attack aims to block a device or server by bombarding it with unnecessary and unusable information. Most of the time, this attack relies on the company’s IT equipment. This is called a distributed attack or DDoS, the objective being to destroy the servers in order to block all services. In other words, the system is no longer functional.

– Phishing: This computer attack is better known as phishing. Cybercriminals trick their targets into disclosing personal information such as their credit card number, password, social security number, etc. The user is not suspicious and reveals the information voluntarily by replying to an e-mail that they believe is legitimate.

Cybersecurity: the importance of raising employee awareness

Businesses of all sizes are not immune to cybercrime. Hence the interest and importance of raising the awareness of all stakeholders in the company (managers, colleagues, employees). They must actively work to protect and preserve this information within the company.

When “ransomware” is detected within an organization, it can no longer access its files. And according to some computer security experts, the number of extortions is on the rise. Most often, computer security breaches arise from a lack of vigilance by one or more employees. According to several studies, 3 out of 4 employees save work files in personal accounts opened in the Cloud. You should also require your employees to learn from the Cyber Security certification to safeguard their data from cyber-attacks. In addition, with the deployment of optical fiber, it will therefore be easier to access files of all kinds in a relatively short time.


Raising employee awareness is one of the keys to cyber protection of the company and thus allows incidents to be reduced by half, or even more.

Some points to respect for effective cybersecurity

In order to implement quality cybersecurity, the company must ensure:

    Make employees aware of the importance of IT security.

    Update all company software.

    Precisely target all critical data to protect.

    Create strong passwords and change them on a regular basis.

    Restrict the installation of software.

    Make regular backups of company data.

    Use anti-virus, anti-intrusion, and anti-spam software, keeping them up to date.

    Set up a plan in the event of a cyberattack.

IT security: a sector in constant search of new talents

In recent years, the IT industry has experienced almost constant growth. According to a study, more than 1,500 jobs are created in our country every year in this field. Despite this, cybersecurity specialists are lacking, given the strong demand from companies. Several job search platforms are even dedicated to them. What purpose? On the one hand, to give candidates the opportunity to find targeted and relevant offers while having support in their job search, on the other hand, to provide companies with qualified candidates and profiles corresponding most to their expectations while saving time.

The emergence and development of startups as well as the changes undergone by the digital professions are all factors that generate a growing volume of job opportunities in the IT security sector. Companies are therefore constantly on the lookout for new talents to best support their various cybersecurity projects.

What you must remember

In the face of cybercrime and the diverse and varied threats facing businesses, cybersecurity is of utmost importance. It calls for appropriate measures to be put in place to protect themselves and guarantee the survival of businesses. They are more and more aware of this, but unfortunately, not all of them have the maturity to make the right decisions. Not to mention that this sector is constantly in demand for new talents.


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