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The Best Memes of 2021 Reflect Our Collective Madness

by Peter Marah

Hello, also welcome to what exactly I might want to call our virtual, social yearbook, populated totally by images. An image, obviously, is just a memory that gets pounded to hellfire on the web. It catches our aggregate madness, and fills in as a period case even when we continue on. (Also when we say image, we are talking about web minutes freely: joke designs, adored moves, emoticon floods. Whatever brought about a fun time on the web and gave us a giggle.)

In a great deal of ways, we’re finishing 2021 the same way we began, exploring the awful states of a pandemic and downplaying it so we don’t change out from the monotonous idea of life in semi-yet not-actually at-all-lockdown. Our cherished method of handling the peculiarity of the previous year is through image. And keeping in mind that certain individuals may figure, Oh, that is simply something the children do on the ‘net, we clash. It’s elusive a way that better exemplifies our mainstream society, political environment, and superstar dating situations with.

We had Ben Affleck discarding his Ana de Armas pattern that very year as he rejoined with Jennifer Lopez! We have an irate Bernie, sitting at Joe Biden’s introduction with a cover on. We have unending pandemic images and individuals strolling on milk containers. For the wellbeing of God, we let our day by day state of mind be dictated by an old pug who basically needs to rests!

It’s a bizarro see reality, however it’s existence regardless. So we should think back, or flinch, similar to it’s senior year once more. Much obliged for the recollections, 2021. Trust you’re having a bones day.

                        Yassification (December)


Don’t call it a glow up. It’s something more. Yassification is the inevitable result of over-usage of filters on social media to make yourself look, essentially, inhuman. Or in the case of this meme, it’s a glow up beyond all recognition. Look at Aunt May. I mean, this could be explained by the whole idea of the multiverse and that none of these Aunt Mays are technically the same, but also, okay Marissa Tomei.

The Omarion Variant (December)

To riff off an image of days of old, some of you clearly didn’t concentrate on Greek and it shows. At the point when the Omicron variation was presented, individuals quickly related the unfamiliar O-word with regularly overlooked recording craftsman, Omarion. Marking bad dream for him? Presumably. Incredible image grub? Obviously. Since after almost two years of this bologna, you need to make jokes to hold back from crying. Omarion variation! How novel[-coronavirus!]. Click here more:

                   Water Under the Bridge Dance (November)

Adele said recently that she didn’t want to make music just so that it would go viral on TikTok. Then TikTok users said, “What if I mashed up Adele’s ‘Water Under the Bridge’ with Megan Thee Stallion?” and you know what? The woman went viral on TikTok. What spawned from there is a routine that firmly answers the question: how hard can you go to Adele? Answer: pretty fucking hard.

Happy Side/Sad Side Bus (November)

Sometimes, a meme isn’t even tied to the present day culture. It just so happens that someone was clever enough to make it relevant out of thin air. That’s where the “happy side/sad side bus” meme came from. It appeared in the middle of November and is still going strong.

Noodle the Pug (October)

Ah, Noodle. Thanks for the memories, kid. We say that preemptively because Noodle is kind of old, but he’s already brought us so much happiness in 2021. The videos he stars in are as simple as can be: Noodle’s owner stands him up, and if he falls back down, it’s a “no-bones day.” If he stands, it’s a “bones day.” It’s beloved, parodied, and shared to the max. Here’s to only bones days to you.

To reword Dido, there will be no warnings over my entryway. The warnings firing springing up all over web-based media early this fall, as just precisely what it seems like: an admonition. Really great for the warning emoticon—each emoticon ought to have its day.

My Fall Plans v The Delta Variant (August)

year and a half into this pandemic, you all actually figure out how to make an image about it. God favor your versatility. What’s more kindly be dependable as areas of the planet keep taking dewormer for resistance.

Milk Crate Challenge (August)

What started as a TikTok trend moved its way to meme format, and all we have to say is: y’all gotta stop walking on milk crates. Please.


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