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The Best Benebone Products for Dogs to Chew on

by Grace D

Dogs are natural chewers, whether young or adult. However, we can’t serve them food all the time, and if they find nothing to chew, they could harm themselves. This is where Benebone products come in. Benebone’s work as chew toys with long-lasting flavor. Several Benebone products are on the market nowadays, but not all are safe to get for your dog. This article discusses the best Benebone products for dogs to chew on. If you need some Benebone’s for your dog, here are some great choices. 

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The Best Benebone Products for Dogs to Chew on 

The Benebone Wishbone 

Since dogs have no thumb, giving them a chew they can’t pick up is useless. Your dog’s wish comes true with real bacon, peanuts, and chicken laced throughout. The wishbone product is the Benebone brand’s flagship offering. 

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This popular chew toy provides your dog with various flavors to gnaw on. The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy will keep your dog active and occupied. Moreover, this toy satisfies a dog’s natural desire to chew and has the tempting aroma and scent of bacon, chicken, and peanut. Thus, making it your dog’s favorite. 


However, you should note that not all these flavors are safe for all dogs. Also, puppies should avoid wishbones because their teeth are too fragile for the nylon’s strength. So, pet owners should give wishbones to only dogs weighing more than 15 pounds. 

The Benebone Maplestick 

Some dogs enjoy chewing sticks, and since natural sticks can be so dirty, why not get them the Benebone maple stick? The Maplestick manufacturers made it so soft that your dog can chew on it. This variant won’t hurt your dog’s mouth because it doesn’t have sharp edges. Also, the maple stick is made of natural maple wood, making it taste better. 

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The Benebone Maple stick has four stick corners, making it stand out from other sticks. So, your dog will have something to hold on to no matter which way he bites. If your dog likes to run and play fetch, this is a great alternative. 


When your dog starts chewing on the maple stick, it will lose interest in the regular stick because the maple stick has a better taste. While you should note that the weight limit is only a guide, always go with the most significant size your dog can bear. Further, it’s best to discard after a decent amount of chew. 


The Benebone Puppy Pack Bacon Flavor 

Puppies enjoy chewing and prefer natural flavors like wood and bacon. They deserve more than rubbery chew toys that are for newborns. However, some Benebone products might be too hard for puppies to handle due to the strength of the nylon. There are Benebone’s suitable for puppy dogs, and one of them is the Benebone puppy pack. 

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Benebone’s Puppy Pack Bacon Flavor will help to calm your teething puppy. These chew toys are soft enough to be gentle on small teeth while still satisfying your puppy’s desire to chew. They’re also made with a bacon flavor that will make your dog want to wag its tail. Every time you buy this Benebone product, you get a dental chew and a wishbone with your package. 


The dental chew has ridges on the ends to help remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. There are places for him to grab with his paws to get the most out of his new Benebone’s toys. However, note that this product was made at a place that makes peanuts. So, keep it out of the reach of people who have peanut allergies. 


Benebone Tiny Adult Stick and Zaggler 

As we mentioned earlier, some Benebone’s are not ideal for adult dogs under 15 pounds. But tiny adult dogs also deserve to chew something, bringing about the Benebone Tiny Adult Stick. 


This set of Benebone’s is as durable and long-lasting as the rest of our chew toys. In the Zaggler, the producers used 100% REAL BACON to make it taste and smell good. In the Maplestick, only natural maple wood was used. 


The Maplestick’s unique shape will make your dog’s fetch game better. However, the Zaggler rolls around and is always on the move. Further, the Maplestick and the Zaggler make it easy for your dog to hold on to and start chewing on. 


The Benebone Pawplexer 

The Pawplexer is another dog chew toy that comes in various tastes. It’s ideal for energetic dogs who are always looking for new challenges. This Benebone is a little thicker than the wishbone in its giant size. It also comes in various sizes to fit your dog’s size and chewing intensity. 


You can place their favorite treats inside, such as dog jerky, because this material has a particular insert grip. With this, your dog would have no choice but to chew on the toy and rip it out. Even if they aren’t in the mood to pull, the treat will be upright. So, you don’t have to bother about your rug being messed up. 



Benebone’s are great dog companions. With a Benebone, your dog will enjoy a safe and tasty snack to keep them busy. However, ensure that you replace your dog’s Benebone when it’s worn down. Also, protect your dog’s teeth from forceful chewing, and choose the right size for your dog. 

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