The 10 points you should check before buying a used iPhone


Before buying a second-hand iPhone, there are a few essential rules to follow. And don’t overlook any. Here is a list of some tips to apply.

  1. Check for water damage

You should not buy an iPhone that has any water damage, it can degenerate over time, even though when you buy it seems to work properly. 

How to check for water damage on an iPhone:

There are many water sensors on the iPhone and two of them can be seen without having to open the iPhone. One is inside the earphone hole and the other is the charger receiver. If they are white, everything is fine. Want to check in more detail? You should consult iPhone repair Lewisville TX.

  1. Check the IMEI number

The IMEI identity card of your mobile. It is a unique 15-digit number assigned to each mobile phone. When you buy used mobiles (iPhone or Android) then you should check if it has an IMEI number.

How to get iPhone IMEI

From the dial pad of your iPhone dial * # 06 #. This is the IMEI number.

Note: If you have the box with the Phone, you can also check that the IMEI number on the box is the same as the phone.

  1. Check the speaker volume

View your music files and play any song in your library loudly. Listen to 2 or 3 different songs to see if the sound changes when trying loud songs, fast soft songs, and slow ones. If the sound is good and loud enough, the speaker is working properly.

  1. Check the touch screen

The best way to control the touch screen is to download the free PaintShop app to color the entire screen to see if all the parts you touch are colored. If you don’t have an internet connection and you can’t download the app, open the keyboard and try all the keys.

  1. Check the physical buttons and vibrate mode

You need to check the middle button, power button, button volume and switch to vibrate mode.

  1. Camera functions

Don’t forget about this, take a while to check and test the camera to see if it works properly. Take a couple of photos and check the image quality, check the autofocus. Switch from front to rear camera a few times in a row. Switch to video mode and check the functions. If your iPhone has a flash, be sure to check it out.

  1. Testing wireless connections

The iPhone may have problems with WiFi and other wireless connections. So, if you have WiFi internet access nearby, don’t forget to check if it connects properly. Insert your SIM card and check if you have access to the network without a problem.

  1. Check if iPhone is unlocked

Check that your iPhone is jailbroken and working properly with your phone company. An unlocked iPhone will sell more easily, so please don’t skip this step.

  1. Check accessories and invoice

Before buying an iPhone, check all accessories (headphones, USB cable, etc.) Check their condition and if they work properly. Also, check the invoice (purchase invoice), it will make sure that the is not stolen. And above all, never buy an iPhone whose provenance is doubtful.

  1. Check the general condition

Check that the body of the is not damaged, especially around the edges. Check the body and the screen scratches. Also, watch it closely to make sure there are dead pixels on the screen.

We hope these tips were useful.


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