Tablet vs. Smartphone


If you want to choose between a laptop and a Smartphone, then a tablet is the best choice. Tablet is a portable laptop with all Smartphone functions. These portable tablets can replace mini laptops in a few years. These are built in an operating system, as same as a mobile phone. Tablet is good than a Smartphone or Smartphone is better than a tablet is still a debate to discuss on technology forums. There are few points to you should focus on before making any purchase. Here are these points:


Tablets are less expensive as compared to the Smartphone of the most popular brands. Tablets are also thin, lightweight, and pocket friendly. Tablets almost have also the same feature as a packed Smartphone with affordable price

Battery life

If we compare the battery life of both devices, tablets battery will be long-lasting than smart phones. Even the battery of tablets is better than laptops. Smartphone’s and laptops have heating issues, but tablets win the race there too

Books reading

Tablets provide you big screens so you can enjoy the full-fledged article or ebook view. You can comfortably read novels. There are specific impressions for smartphones designed by different app developers. But still, tablets give you better looks.

Music composition

Now you can write or compose your music, and you can enjoy reading sheet music. You can also edit it according to your mood. But on the smartphone, you have to songs don’t have edit options.


The big display is always mattered when it comes to play the game, read or writing anything. Many tablets are designed in a way to give a bigger screen display than laptops. Here tablets also excel.


 When it comes to gaming, how can smartphone complement the acting, graphics, and intense atmosphere? But a tablet can work with its big screen if you are planning to play games or intended to buy for kids, then a tablet is a far good choice than these smartphones.


With the evolution of time, tablets are the best invention. As it is a combination of both laptops and smartphones. We can use these tablets as smartphones for shooting videos, clicking pics, conferencing calls, etc. At the same moment, we can switch laptop mode on and use a laptop. These tablets are two in one. It has both the features of a phone and a laptop

Multimedia feature

From 2020 there is a new trend of online classes started if students attend classes with a bigger format and nice display than it will be helpful in understanding as with phone.

If you are a blogger/ YouTuber and want to upload anything from anywhere, it isn’t easy to take a laptop everywhere. But you can take a tablet with you as it is portable and small in size

Pocket friendly

Tablets are not pocket friendly as you can put the phone in your pocket or purse easily. But for tabs, you need to take a bag or keep in hand, which will be a hassle for some people.

Watching videos

Watching movies or any YouTube videos with big-screen resolution will be fun And hassle-free.

Art and Design 

Nowadays, we don’t use paper for art and design. Now it’s the digital era, so we need only a smart device to transform our imagination into a piece of art. If you are a graphic designer, a videographer, or a comic artist, you need a smart device with a bigger screen as it will provide enough room to achieve a higher level of creation

High productivity with multiple applications 

In tablets, you can open multiple apps at one time, but in a smartphone, when you move out keyboard, one app disappeared and interruption in doing a particular task. You can also edit applications like MS Office, Google Docs on tablets.


After this debate, we conclude that tablets are a better choice, but if you want to buy a smartphone for calling purposes only than go for a smartphone. Otherwise, nothing better than tablets.


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