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Steven Furtick Net Worth 2022

by Peter Marah


The words of celebrity pastor Steven Furtick about comparing one’s worst personal moment with others’ social media life are about the modern-day and the irony of social interactions.

Steven Furtick is an influential American evangelical pastor who’s had influence all over the world through his mega-church. He often describes his aim in life to preach the message of God using the Bible and the Catholic worldview.

He’s not only a pastor who sits in the church, he also has the talent of making music and being a songwriter related to his religious choir.

About Steven Furtick:

Steven is an American pastor who assumes the role of an Evangelical preacher and is also very popular. He’s not just some person from the church around the corner. Furtick is the founder of the Elevation Church based out of Charlotte. With the Bible and the Gospel holding high places of importance for his priority, it’s the part of helping people.

Early Life And Family

Steven Furtick Jr. was born on February 19th, 1980 in the small neighborhood of Moncks Corner, South Carolina. As a child, he was extremely high functioning and always did well at his school. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary granted Furtick a degree. His studies were completed in communications.

The pastor has a stable family with his wife Holly Furtick and three kids. The family resides in a mansion in Waxhaw, North Carolina. However, Steven always wants to safeguard their family and his personal life from the media’s attention. He does sometimes discuss his experiences to share and impart knowledge.

His Career And Major Milestones

In 2006, Steven started his journey as a religious preacher and has been continuing to get more and more influential with the years. He’s also been on the list of NY Times bestsellers with his book “one of a kind leader”.

His popularity is also linked to the fact that he is seen as someone who loves to donate and help out charitable causes.

He also loves using music as expression through gospel and choir. He writes songs for the foundation “Elevation Worship”. These aren’t just for his followers but also for various music critics. His song, “Blessing”, also went right up the charts on its release. The track ended up becoming the best-recorded worship song of the year.

Some Unknown Facts About Steven Furtick:

● Steven has always maintained that the money received as a donation doesn’t come to him for his personal use. He only gets a fixed salary as a pastor.
● As someone who wants to help people, Steven donated a lot of his own money to charitable causes.

Net Worth

While it’s true that the pastor always portrays himself as working in the service of the people, his church makes him tons of money. We estimate Furtick to be worth over 55 million USD.

At the end of the day, his mega-church does have a lot of followers, willing to make big donations in the name of god. The same organization pays Steven a salary, which is kept undisclosed. Also, the revenue generated by the book sales is from his personal belongings.

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