September 25, 2022

In the age of technology, cartoons, and endless social media feeds, both children and parents have forgotten about simple communication. Even the ideas for the simplest and once popular games have long been lost in memory and have undeservedly lost their relevance.


Children’s games are not only a great way to spend time with the whole family but also an opportunity to develop thinking, memory, logic, and reaction speed. We have collected the best children’s games that will captivate the whole family and give a charge of vivacity and positivity for a long time.


Fun things to do with the children at home: ideas for a non-boring time 


So what should a child do at home? In this article, we will talk about a wide variety of ways to spend time at home.


Puppet theater 


Show the kid how to speak in different voices, change characters, and choose the right decorations. To do this, make origami with which you can decorate your theater. By the way, a home can be of several types: a magnetic theater (characters on a magnet are placed on a special surface and move along it), a finger theater (mini toys are put on fingers), and a hand theater, where the toy is put on the hand, and the fingers of the player become the hands or paws of the character.


Delicious drawing


For this activity, you will need toast bread, condensed milk, and food coloring. Pour the condensed milk into several small containers and add dye to each. Arm yourself with clean brushes and invite the children to draw on the bread, for example, a rainbow, the sun, or funny faces of cartoon characters. Don’t worry if you are not an expert in drawing. There are many tutorials on how to draw a mouth, eyes, nose, etc. It will be a new challenge to gain new skills.


Unusual crafts


To bring a little creativity into everyday life, you can make an application, a picture, or a figurine of your favorite fairy-tale character from improvised materials. Encourage your child to be imaginative. Anything can be used: cotton buds, cotton pads, colored napkins, small cereals, and colored cardboard.




This is a whole artistic direction associated with the manufacture of paper products: postcards, notebooks, photo albums. Beginners will not master serious work, but a simple postcard or a small notebook is quiet. Materials for creativity can be ordered in the online store, and then set off to discover the fascinating paper world not only for the child, but also for yourself.


To organize your day and your kids’ day more productively, you can use a task management tool to help you plan and prioritize everything.


Clothes for toys


From small pieces of fabric, beads and buttons, you can create a whole collection of unusual clothes for dolls. The boys shouldn’t be left out either. They can build a superman cape, a magic mask or a special backpack for their favorite figures of soldiers.




If suddenly the supply of airy joy in the house has dried up, you can prepare a soap solution yourself. In half a liter of water, add 30 ml of dishwashing liquid and a couple of drops of glycerin. Let the child mix the ingredients and go experiment with inflating the largest balloon.


Soap making


This unusual activity will make you feel like a real alchemist. Sets for children’s soap making in online stores are diverse – for every taste and budget. And what could be more exciting than the magical transformation of a liquid mass into a solid beautiful piece! It is much more interesting to wash hands with self-made soap, which means that as a result the formation of a useful hygiene skill is ensured.


Do any work together: glue, cut, knit, design, invent fairy tales. Arrange a real theater or organize a competition, and the number of children does not matter at all. We hope that our tips and recommendations will be a useful find for you and help you find an interesting activity without even going outside.

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