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Change and unexpectedness is the core value of the universe. Life is all about new situations and new challenges. Every minute every second there is something new, unexpected, happy, sad or sometimes adventuress happens in this world. It is not only everyone’s right to know what’s happening around but also important and responsibility of each individual to be well aware of the new situations for his/her own good. So, to know about every bit of the “new” happening around there is a medium with various versions that is commonly known as “news”. 

History and etymology of news; 

News is something about a recently changed situation or a recent event. News is a precise abbreviation of “North East West South” that clearly indicates the purpose and importance of news it is simply something that tells each and every bit about the world. The English word “news” developed in the 14th century as a plural version of “new”. in the 1890’s Jessica Garretson Finch introduces the actual representable meaning of news as “current events”. Some studies stated that the cultures around the world have discovered various places where people tell stories about daily events and share interesting facts about specific things. It is supposed by the researchers that the only medium of newscasting and traveling in the old era was person to person. 

Modes to convey news (Then vs Now);

In the old era;

Person to person;

From the begging of this world the only mode of communication and to be aware of the world or to know the latest news was person to person. People were used to be updated only through communicating person to person

After the discovery of writing and drawing the human becomes a bit more advance in convening news or by keeping themselves updated. 

  • Carving and drawing;

An ancient way to convey news and messages that they carve on walls or rocks with universe specific symbols to convey news and messages. 

  • Latter writing and postman;

After ages and by the passage of time with the invention of paper and pen people become bit more advance and start writing letters and hire other people as a postman who was supposed to convey messages confidentially.

  •  News Paper; 

The invention of paper and printing press in China in the 1500s proceeded a major universe improvement in the transmission of news (in the forms of letters that are discussed earlier).

 In early 1600s the first newspapers occurred in Germany.  The world’s first formalized Newspaper was published in 1605 while not a “Newspaper” in the modern sense. 

  • Television and Radio/telephones;

After the invention of television and the telephone, it becomes easier to be updated by the news by watching news channels and by being updated with other people (it was an advancement in person to person communication).

  • Early news network;

After the invention of television with various satellites, a news network formed to spread universe the news at the same time to many people.

The spread of news has always been linked to the communications news networks in order to communicate with many at the same moment. Thus, political, religious, and commercial interests have historically controlled, expanded, and monitored communications channels by which news could spread efficiently and smoothly without any distortion. Postal services have long been closely tangled with the maintenance of political power in a large area for improved service.

One of the imperial communication channels, called “The Royal Road” negotiated the Assyrian Empire and aided as a crucial source of its power. The Roman Empire maintained a vast network of roads for similar purposes like transmission of current affairs, national and international problems, weather forecasting and new inventions, etc.  

Visible chains of long distant gesturing, known as optical telegraphy. From 1790s till the 1850s the latter universe form of optical telegraph came into use in France, Britain and Japan. 


  • Smartphones (wireless communication medium)
  • Internet 
  • Social media
  • Google

Making of the news;

News plays an essential role in keeping us updated with the current national and international affairs and being well aware of the facts that should be known.  Important and well informative news is the which have;

  • A proper and right source of Information 
  •  Complete information and facts about the news
  • The facts should be real and interrelated 


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