Some of the Dental Marketing Techniques You Can Use Today


Dental practices must consistently bring in new patients. Every dentist requires at least 20 new patients every month to see company growth and profitability, according to a report by Aldrich Advisors. So let’s see how you can start digital marketing for dental clinics.

Start digital marketing by investing more

Nowadays, the majority of potential patients are found online, making your practice’s online presence—including your website, listings, social media accounts, and other platforms—the key to scalable growth. For instance, a recent Pew Research study reveals that 77% of consumers seek online dentists and dental treatments. These digital experiences are increasingly being driven by location-based queries or using smartphones. Mobile devices are used for 84 per cent of “near me” queries.

Some ways to get started with your digital marketing

  • Make your Google My Business page and optimize it.

On our list of dental marketing strategies, creating a Google My Business (GMB) account page comes in first. The focal point of your local SEO plan should be your GMB listing. Your GMB listing is essentially a validated source of data about your dental office that Google weaves into different search experiences—location, hours, images, etc. As you might have imagined, having a complete and thorough GMB listing can help your office appear in a variety of Google search results, including those of people who are actively looking for a dentist.

  • Spend money on a long-term SEO plan.

SEO plays a significant role in reaching out to people looking for dental care. People typically locate and select their dentists online, ideally in their local region, as we noted in our thorough Insider’s Guide to Local SEO for Dental Groups and DSOs. And as we mentioned before, many dentists are finding new patients through local search activities click here.

The good news is that with a properly optimized GMB listing and website—steps 1 and 2 in this blog post—you’ll be well on your way to a fruitful SEO strategy. However, if you look a little closer, you should also make sure the following items are checked:

  1. Utilize Google PageSpeed Insights to fix any problems that could be causing your site to load slowly.
  2. Simplify the page structures on your website (parent pages, subpages, blog posts, etc.) because many of the websites we visit are cluttered with excessive amounts of disorganized or pointless content.
  3. For each page, optimize the URL, page title, meta description, picture alt-tags, and page structure (H1, H2, etc). (and according to your keyword strategy).
  4. Make your website HTTPS secure.
  5. For each of your major services, create longer-form, content-rich pillar pages that include videos, FAQs, and any other pertinent material.
  6. Include external connections to reliable websites and internal links to relevant content on your website.
  • Increase Your Social Media Activity

More than 3.5 billion individuals use social media sites regularly, and more than 54% of them utilize these networks to research things before making a purchase. More than 1.79 billion people use Facebook every day. Because of this, using social media for dental marketing makes sense.

  • Seek feedback from dental patients

You already know how seriously we take online reviews if you’ve read any of our digital marketing advice articles. Reviews and ratings from actual clients are a valuable asset among the various signals you provide about your practice to both people and search engines.


This blog explains how you can increase your dental marketing. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and now you can start your dental marketing using these tips. To maintain your listings current and to distinguish your website from the competition, SEO TECH Experts offers health care SEO marketing services.


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