Six Tips to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever (with Examples)

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I’m always on Facebook, looking through my feeds, checking out the latest news,(followers on facebook)  and looking at pictures of cute Pomeranians. It’s not just me. The social media site has 2.91 billion active users per month. It’s also the most popular channel employed by marketers around the world.All of these users offer enormous potential for marketers, and Facebook has become one of the most effective advertising platforms that can be used by both B2-B as well as B2C companies. Over the last few years, while the organic reach on Facebook has decreased, intelligent marketers have begun marketing on Facebook to achieve outcomes. Click Here

There’s much to be put together to create a successful Facebook advertisement. You must have the right target, an excellent video or image, and compelling copy. Today, I will focus on the importance of writing in Facebook ads and some tips on how you can write unique Facebook ads that convert.

Why Facebook Advertising Works So Well

There are many users on Facebook However, putting an ad into the vastness of the internet doesn’t produce many conversions. The most important aspect of Facebook’s advertising is to target. Facebook is the most effective ad targeting capability of any site.

This is a way to be very precise about the audience your advertisement reaches. If you’re selling garden hoses, it is possible to connect with those interested in vegetable gardening and home improvements. fed rate hike.

Here are a few ways to target your advertisements on Facebook:

  • Custom audiences allow you to reach out to existing customers or leads
  • The location will enable you to choose the location (city or state and country)
  • Gender lets you select a target based on gender (male as well as female)
  • Interests lets you concentrate your search by interests (such as fitness fashion, entrepreneurship, fashion literature, etc.)
  • Facebook Interest Targeting
  • Behaviors lets you concentrate on previous behaviors, for example, people who have visited your site
  • Connections allow you to choose to target people who like your page or have relationships who do

Take a look at this fantastic infographic to explore the various Facebook ad options for targeting in greater detail.

The Two Types of Facebook Ads

There are two kinds of Facebook ads that marketers can make use of:

1. Sponsored Posts

Facebook Sponsored posts show up direct in Facebook Newsfeed. The users see the ads when they scroll through and are featured as much as posts from family and friends. This is an instance of a sponsored blog post from Farm Hill:

Facebook Sponsored Posts from Farm Hill

2. The Right-Hand Column Ad

The right-hand column ads appear — you probably guessed it! –in the left column in the feed on Facebook. The ads are smaller. However, they cannot be scrolled past, like sponsored posts on the News Feed. Marketers frequently employ right-hand column ads for retargeting. Here’s an example right-hand column advertisement from West Elm:

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But Does Copywriting for Facebook Ads Matter?

Yes! If you think of the idea of a Facebook advertisement, you may visualize a large picture. Images are essential in Facebook Ads, and copywriting is also crucial.

If you’re investing money in a Facebook advertisement, you must ensure it’s doing its job. Effective copywriting for ads can convince the audience to click on your site. Effective copywriting serves as a guide, guiding people in the direction to take. Get more followers on facebook

Compelling advertising copy can persuade or excite. It creates connections, removes unnecessary information, and makes the decision to take the next step seemed clear. It’s an integral part of a well-crafted advertisement.

This is how to accomplish it: Follow these rules to write the most effective ads you can.

6 Strategies for Writing Your Best Facebook Ads

1. Facebook Targeting can be used to narrow Your Target Audience. Then, Write for It

When selling online, writing as though you’re performing on stage at a convention is tempting. If you want to succeed in writing, you should register as if you’re writing to only one person.

The person you are targeting is the person that you have to win over and convince. Like an in-person salesperson, you must concentrate all your energy on this individual and their requirements.

You’ll need to write content that speaks to every potential customer on your website. You probably have several different personas. However, on Facebook, you can see the audience you are targeting. What is the best way to apply the Facebook Ad tip? This is an illustration. Targeting your ads to women older than 30 who live within the U.S. and are interested in health and fitness is possible. It is then possible to make targeted ads that appeal to this particular audience.

  • Facebook ads that target help
  • Facebook Audience Definition

2. Write Different Facebook Ads

This is in line with the concept of focusing. Your customers are drawn to you to fulfill numerous motives, so why should you use a general advertising campaign? Facebook’s strength is its capacity to be targeted the right audience, so don’t think of your ads as billboards.

Imagine, for instance, that you’re a retailer of clothing. You sell women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, activewear, underwear, and items for bathing and grooming. Many customers will be interested in a few of the products you offer, but many will be attracted to one particular category. In essence, women will be drawn to the products you offer women.


I am in love with this video advertisement by Old Navy promoting its activewear. The ad targets those who have indicated fitness as a factor in their interests. In this manner, Old Navy reaches the most relevant audience for its ads.

The best Facebook ads guide

Old Navy’s “Get moving in style” video advertisement on Facebook.Read more

3. Be Certain your Facebook Ad Copy is in line with Your Visual

Many smaller and larger ones, particularly in the B2B sector–do not have an abundance of images available. When launching an advertisement, there’s a rush to ensure a picture is attached.

The result is an image that doesn’t fit with the text and creates a confusing experience for users on the Facebook user. If the copy and vision aren’t in sync, users will be confuse about what the ad is selling. They’re less likely to click on your ad, and your advertising is waste.


Starbucks put together three photos to create an excellent visual for their “World’s Largest #StarbucksDate” campaign. The copy includes “french press Caffe Verona & a chocolate brownie,” which are then displayed in the images. This way, Starbucks reminds its audience what they can expect to get when they go to the cafe, which results in a successful Facebook advertisement.

If you’re having trouble creating images for Facebook advertisements, you could use image-based tools such as Bannersnack, Canva, PicMonkey, and Pablo from Buffer, to design your own.

4. Stay on the Point with One Call-to-Action

The most effective Facebook adverts have a clearly defined purpose. Do you wish to increase your brand’s visibility, gain leads, or even sell an item? Whatever the goal, your advertisement should include clearly defined calls to action. Without it, Facebook people will view your advertising but be unsure what to click on or what to click on.


Society6 offers iPhone cases and displays its products in its advertisements on Facebook. However, the ad is more than just an image of a beautiful iPhone case. It has a call to action”Shop Now” button (“Shop Now”) encouraging customers to visit Society6’s website. Society6 site to shop, browse and then purchase.

When it comes to calls to action, did you realize the option to “Call now” is also an alternative? Find out more about click-to-call ads through Facebook here.

5. Keep it short and lead with Value

It’s a cost to advertise, and it’s tempting to fill it with as much information as possible. It is essential to present your products to potential customers at some point. When it is about Facebook ads, it is necessary to keep your message short and also lead with worth.

What do people gain from your product? What will it offer them? These are the key areas to focus on in your content, and it is essential to convey these ideas concisely and clearly.

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6. Make use of simple language that is easy to comprehend

Perhaps you have been a poet at college. However, a lot of flowery speeches can confuse your message. It’s time to get rid of the jargon.

Your priority is to write your Facebook advertisement that’s simple to comprehend for anyone, including a 5th grader. If someone views your advertisement, they must immediately be aware of:

  • What are you providing
  • How can it benefit them?
  • What next?

 The message in this Facebook advertisement is refreshingly simple to pay off loans quicker. SoFi explains the benefits (refinancing of the loan) as well as the benefits (paying off loans more quickly) and what you need to follow (apply right now).

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