Should Your SEO Company Be Involved In Your Web Design?


Websites and SEO go together like honey and mustard, however, not every SEO company offers web design, just as not every web design agency offers SEO. So, what do you do when you want to start optimising your website for improved rankings and an increase in traffic? Here’s everything you need to know… 

It’s far less complicated when everything is handled under one roof 

One of the very common issues that small businesses face when they want to start optimising their website is gaining control from a web designer that is otherwise ‘holding them hostage’

Your website designer may be hosting your website and will effectively hold all of the keys to the castle. So, whenever you want to add content or upload more imagery, you will likely have to go through them first. 

This is all well and good if you are working for a highly reputable and cooperative web designer that you trust, however, some can be a nuisance to work with when you want to move quickly. 

Ultimately, you are far better off taking control of your website and your hosting, and entrusting it to your SEO company. 

The fact is, unless you are paying your web designer / host to implement all of the recommended changes from your SEO company, they aren’t going to be in any particular rush to get it done. And unless they’re willing to cooperate with a third-party SEO agency, being the middle man and trying to navigate both companies can soon get messy! 

Instead, what you want to do is thank your web designer kindly, take back all of your logins, and then pass them to your chosen SEO company so that they can start working on your SEO without having to waste any time waiting for a response. 

After all, why should you pay your web designer to implement the changes that your SEO company is more than capable of taking care of? Especially when you are already paying your SEO company for their services in the first place. 

A website without SEO is like trying to eat steak with a butter knife 

Web designers are exceptionally good at designing and building aesthetically stunning websites. Unfortunately, aesthetics means very little when it comes down to SEO. The likes of Google don’t much care if your website looks pretty if it hasn’t been optimised accordingly or has a solid link-building profile. 

So, if you are ready to take your business to the next level and want to start increasing your brand awareness online and driving more, relevant traffic to your website, it’s time to start thinking about your SEO. 

If you are a Houston based business and you want to work with a local SEO agency that you can trust, you won’t have much difficulty finding a Houston SEO company with a reputation for delivering quality results. 

Once you’ve found a reliable SEO company that you are comfortable with, they can take control of your hosting, improve your page speed, upgrade your website, implement new content, and ultimately work towards making your website as efficient as possible in the eyes of Google. 

That’s the key to smoking your competitors, establishing your authority, and making your brand-new, sparkly website earn its keep! 


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