Salesforce Data Recovery Service and Third Party Data Recovery Tools


Salesforce eliminated their local information recuperation administration Data Recovery with impact from July 2020, and presently the organizations can not recuperate their information at a particular time when they need it. For some businesses and undertakings, backing up Salesforce information is of most extreme significance to handle the antagonistic effects of any disastrous occurrences. There are numerous potential outcomes that your information might get destroyed or harmed completely. Some might feel that it is feasible to have information reinforcement with cloud administrations, and their information on the cloud is consistently protected. Nonetheless, this isn’t in every case valid.

Is Salesforce Data Recovery Service resigned?

As talked about above, Salesforce ended their information recuperation administration last year, however they have once again introduced it not long from now. Allow us first to inspect the advantages and disadvantages of this help here. Back in July 2020, Salesforce resigned their recuperation administration as they thought that it is not satisfying the high guidelines for their client experience because of the dependability of the interaction and the length of the time required for rebuilding. Notwithstanding, a couple of months prior, this had a turnaround when Salesforce again reported that their information recuperation administration is back. We should investigate what it involves in this returning.

Salesforce had settled on this choice to bring back its Data Recovery Service from Mar 2021. It had been done as such according to the attestation of the Salesforce people group that the Salesforce’s worth lies in presence and furthermore realizing that in the event of any crisis, there is help. Alongside this declaration of bringing back their recuperation administration, Salesforce likewise said that the AppExchange commercial center of Salesforce additionally houses a dependable accomplice environment offering numerous solid reinforcement and rebuilding arrangements that clients can utilize. They likewise called these arrangements local Salesforce recuperation apparatuses. Thus, of late, these applications are driving more trust and furthermore expand the worth of the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce Data Recovery administration

How about we have a brief glance at how the Data Recovery Service of Salesforce works:

A stage will empower reestablishing your organization information and metadata partially on schedule.

In case there is no outsider reinforcement, and you inaccurately update a metadata record or invigorate the Sandbox accidentally, Salesforce Data Recovery Service can be tested.

This help includes some major disadvantages, which is set at a standard $10,000.

The course of salesforce information recuperation might take around six to about two months for information recuperation.

The recuperated information will be accessible as CSV records, and afterward you might need to transfer it into your Salesforce physically.

In this way, local Salesforce Data Recovery may not generally be your most ideal alternative for the expense in question and deferrals, as referenced previously. As Salesforce itself has embraced, there are some outsider information reinforcement arrangements by the accomplices at AppExchange. Large numbers of these are significantly more far reaching and component rich than the local Salesforce reinforcement. These can back up the two information and metadata and can help reestablish these effectively when required. Further, we will examine a portion of the top outsider Salesforce information reinforcement applications accessible at AppExchange.

Salesforce information reinforcement outsider applications

Cloud Ally

The supplier spearheaded as a Salesforce reinforcement and recuperation administration back in 2011. Utilizing this, you will actually want to run robotized Salesforce information reinforcement in a couple of snaps. The reinforcement will happen to the foundation without influencing your interaction. You can maintain the business securely by believing that your information can be recuperated from a specific point on schedule since the past reinforcements at any stage if there should be an occurrence of an information debacle. Cloud Ally additionally has progressed security highlights. The reinforcement is put away in Amazon S3 stockpiling with AES-256 bit progressed encryption. Cloud Ally likewise upholds OAuth, MFA/2FA, and so on

Reflection Enterprise

The endeavor release of Reflection is a high level information reinforcement and recuperation alternative for Salesforce, which will allow you to run cloud-put together or with respect to premises reinforcements. It additionally empowers rebuilding of information and replication of information depending on the situation. You can likewise do incorporation of all Salesforce information at a solitary stage. Reflection Enterprise likewise includes the reinforcement and recuperation administration. It is feasible to empower BI coordination, SQL Server or MySQL information base replication, information movement, Sandbox cultivating, and so forth

Duplicate Storm

It is another steady reinforcement administration for Salesforce, which can likewise uphold social data sets. It has a documented arrangement with which you can save the erased records for any more drawn out time and reestablish them when required. There is additionally no capacity limit for Copy Storm. It can peruse the Salesforce metadata, take a gander at the SF data sets, inquiry Salesforce, and put down the accounts until the tables are duplicates.


Druva guarantees ideal Salesforce information insurance with reinforcement and on-request recuperation. You can without much of a stretch set up the cloud-to-cloud reinforcements in a mechanized way. It will assist with forestalling any unplanned information misfortune or noxious assaults. You can undoubtedly reestablish your information on interest for moment recuperation. You can likewise deal with the Salesforce reinforcements and reclamation exercises straightforwardly through Salesforce or by utilizing the incorporated dashboard of the application.

Power Amp

It highlights DBAmp that can fabricate the reports utilizing reflected or continuous Salesforce information. It can likewise assist with coordinating the neighborhood applications with Power Amp additionally includes utilizing DBAmp to guarantee total information reinforcement utilizing a solitary order and keep the reinforcement in a state of harmony with the steady invigorate of DBAmp. It will back up the information and let you empower bi-directional combination with the SQL applications locally.

Own Backup

Own Backup is one of the quickest and comprehensive reinforcements for Salesforce information. The supplier offers start to finish insurance for all information and metadata. It incorporates reinforcement for information connections, custom items, gab takes care of, standard articles, information articles, stranded records, individual records, connections, and so on Own Backup likewise ensures against potential information misfortune by having robotized reinforcements, free availability, and endeavor wide security. Own Backup currently works as an independent help, so you will actually want to get to the reinforcement in any event, when your Salesforce is down.

Thus, prior to considering the expensive Salesforce local information reinforcement administrations, you might investigate the outsider alternatives first to recognize if any of these administrations have your motivation close by.


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