Road Trip Ready: Essentials for Travelling with Your Dog

dog towel

This is why we have taken the trouble to prepare a list of all the important items you need to make your next trip with your dog a win for all!

Here is our fail-proof checklist of everything you need to prioritize when travelling with your dog:

  1. Personal care kit

From dog towels, blankets, and foldable dog beds to waste bags and litter trays, eating and drinking bowls, and grooming items, you cannot go on a road trip with a canine without the essential private care items. It’s best to have all the familiar personal dog items because your dog may either be reluctant to use those found at the travel destination, or your holiday spot may just be lacking these things.

  1. First aid and medications

This is an important part of this checklist and should be sorted out before you begin your journey. Accidents are prone to happen, and you need to be ready. If your dog is allergic or is a disabled pooch, then your vet-prescribed medications and shots should be the first set of items on your luggage.

  1. Dog crate

Will your pup be riding beside you in the passenger seat on the trip to La La Land? If not, then a crate is essential for your mutt. Your dog should travel in a carrier or a crate if it is a long drive. This also makes moving your pooch during the trip easy and quick for you.

  1. Outdoor gear

Collars, dog harnesses, backpacks, and the like: you name it! You want to maintain control over your pooch for safety reasons, even when on a trip. Travelling with these pet essentials is a must, especially if you expect to spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog, like the beach, the park, mountain tops, and whatnot.

  1. Favourite treats

A happy and fulfilled pooch makes for a fun holiday with its owner. Give your canine a home away from home experience on this road trip by stocking up on its favourite treat and biscuits for the journey. This is guaranteed to keep your pooch calm and content while you focus on planning the best trip for you both.

Conclusively, getting right your pet’s travel essentials is the first step to having a fun holiday and travel experience with your furry friend. This is because things are probable to go south quickly, which can leave you pretty miffed and knackered and ultimately ruin your bonding time with your pet. However, when you take care to buy a dog towel and other essentials before hitting the road, you are halfway to a memorable road trip with your pooch. Bon Voyage!


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