Relationship Advice: 5 Relationship Experts Teach Us About Love in 2021


Being in a relationship is full of new experiences. When you are in love, everything around you seems perfect. However, relationships come with a lot of responsibilities. It is not something that can be easily handled with a casual approach. If you want a relationship that has a strong bond and makes you feel happy every day, you need to invest in it. You need to make efforts, pay attention, be understanding, and be patient with your partners. At some point or the other, you are going to need some expert advice. ,

Experts and Their Relationship Advice

  • Kelly Campbell

Designation: Ph.D., associate professor of psychology and human development at California State University, San Bernardino Check it out

The expert talks about relationships and suggests the fact that love tends to last longer when partners have quite a lot of similarities between them. The similarities could be concerning anything such as behavior, education, values, personality, and even hobbies. However, we must realize that two people cannot be exactly alike but their similarities of opinions could help them stay in for the long term. Even though these differences and changes can be accepted, it is hard to feel the compatibility if there is an extreme difference in values. Also, if both the partners are determined enough to make things work, then love is going to find its way. The entire functionality of a relationship depends on the partners themselves. 

  • Irina Feuerstein

Designation: LSCSW, individual and couple’s therapist

It has been suggested by this expert that people often take their partners for granted. Yes, I understand this might sound very obvious,, but it is a fact that couples are forced to visit therapists due to relationship problems. One partner out of the both might just get bored of the relationship and want to end it immediately. This creates a huge negative impact on the other one. People need to understand something very clearly. Each and every person in this world have a different set of expectations. When their needs and wants in a relationship are not satisfied by the other, they will drift away from the relationship looking for something else. 

  • Terry Orbuch

Designation: Ph.D., professor at Oakland University

A relationship should be all about two people who are immensely in love and sees a future together. This calls for appreciating and validating your partner now and then. Some of the biggest rewards of a healthy relationship are the small things that you say or what you express your gratitude daily for your significant other. When both the partners in the relationship feel adequately appreciated for their efforts, it tends to be a happier and even healthier relationship. It makes the bond stronger. Even in a female-led relationship, when the woman validates the guy for making such an effort and eradicating all social norms, it proves to be very effective. 

  • Jeremy Nicholson

Designation: MSW, Ph.D., psychologist, and dating expert

What this expert tells us is a very different perspective of love. Love in a relationship is not only about feelings. It is also something like trade and social exchange. What we expect from loving partners is that they will be able to keep us happy and fulfill all our needs and wishes. If this exchange is not mutually satisfactory, it leads to an unhappy relationship. However, the love stays strong and lasts longer when positivity and good feelings flow continuously. Thus, paying attention to your partner and what they need is impeccable to express your importance in each other’s lives. 

  • Carrie Cole

Designation: MEd, LPC-S, certified master trainer and director of research at The Gottman Institute

Many studies on the subject of love and relationships have proved that the beginning course of an argument or a problem decides how the latter part of the conversation is going to be or rather how the rest of the relationship will turn out to be. When couples fight, they often tend to blame and attack each other while criticizing each other’s faults and insecurities. All these small events keep building up to destroy a relationship. Hence, to keep a relationship healthy and to work perfectly, you need to be calm and approach every situation in a nice manner. Try to be more gentle and kind because ultimately, it is the person that you love the most. 

Final Thoughts

Evey’s relationship is very sweet at the beginning. However, sometimes, things start to fall apart as time goes on. What you need to understand is that every relationship is valuable no matter how it is going. If you love your partner enough, you will need to put in everything to make it work till the end. If you can follow this genuine advice as stated by our experts, be sure to get things to fall into place and go on for the long journey.


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