Refurbished Phones: All you need to know


Why opt for Refurbished Phones?

With the introduction of certified refurbished smartphones, owning your favourite smartphone has never been easy now. These smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished undergo a thorough checking through a series of quality checks and they also come with a warranty. Thus, you can own any smartphone at a much lesser price.

It is just a matter of weeks that it takes for your new smartphone to become outdated with new smartphones being introduced almost every week. And frequent switching to new smartphones can be quite an expensive affair. If you are looking for an update, the best deal is to buy a Samsung Refurnished Phone that cost much less than the actual price of the device. Thus, it goes without saying that refurbished smartphones are best suited to your budget and are an all in one solution for all such kind of problems.

Customers return their mobile phones for several reasons. It can either be the fault of the customer or the products. These phones get repaired and refurbished for sale again. These devices also includes those that consumers trade in while they upgrade to a new smartphone. Before a Samsung Refurbished Phone is resold, they go through various checks such as stringent quality checks, meticulous examination, repairing and other authorized procedures. All in all, you get these phones in perfect working condition, and they also come with a warranty. So, there is nothing that you need to worry about when you are purchasing Refurbished Phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished.

What makes Samsung Galaxy S9 unique among refurbished phones?

Samsung Galaxy S9: Noteworthy features at a glance

Samsung has certainly pushed boundaries with Galaxy S9.  Have a look at some of the outstanding features and specifications of this phone.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished has a gorgeous WQHD Infinity Display with curved edges.
  • Talking about security, Galaxy S9 has extensive biometric security support that includes fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and iris scanning.
  • With a magnificent 12 MP primary camera, the smartphone also comes with many advanced features.
  • Last, but not the least, Galaxy S9 comes with a top of the range Snapdragon 845 Processor.

Design: Stylish and Sleek

One of the prettiest, most handy phones that Samsung has ever released is Galaxy S9. At the first look, you will find that the Galaxy S9 is quite similar to its predecessor Galaxy S8, having the same sleek glass and aluminium body along with rounded edges. The size, shape and design aesthetic of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished is also very similar to the previous iteration. But, on a closer look, you will find that several major and minor improvements has been made by Samsung to the S9.

The bezels on this phone are thinner at the top and bottom of the screen, giving a trimming and futuristic look to the phone. The fingerprint scanner has been moved below the camera which was previously next to it, thus ensuring an easier access. S9 is much more resistant to impacts than before. All credits goes to the Gorilla Glass 5 Screen. There is also a Bixby button below the volume rocker. You can use this phone with a single hand and it is also quite east to hold and carry around in your pocket.

Display: Vibrant 5.8 inch Super AMOLED Screen

When it comes to displays on its phone, Samsung can do no wrong. Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished Super AMOLED Screen is nothing short of spectacular. With a huge 5.8” screen, the screen has a resolution of 1440X2960 pixels. The pixel per inch (PPI) count is also impressive at 570. Together with excellent contrast, the screen offers vibrant colours. A slight upgrade has been made in the brightness levels, which makes the screen easier to use under direct sunlight.

Pictures and videos displayed by the phone are very realistic. This phone also supports HDR 10 for mobile. This allows you to stream content in 4K HD from You Tube, Amazon and Netflix.

Camera: A huge upgrade over Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished is the first ever phone to feature a dual aperture camera. This is one of the biggest standout feature of Galaxy S9 and is a major step up over the camera on Galaxy S8. Instead of the common dual camera setup at the back, Samsung has used a 12 MP camera that can switch between an f/1.5 and f/2.4 aperture. The selfie camera at the front is also extraordinary, which is 8 MP, and has an aperture of f/1.7.

Battery Life: Lasts an entire day

No questions can be raised about the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S8. When it comes to battery performance, Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished does marginally better. It features a massive 3000 mAh battery which is perfect for a phone of its size and specification. Samsung is always known to do a good job when it comes to battery optimization too. On a single charge, Galaxy S9 can go all day.

The Bottom Line:

Are you looking for premium smartphones at affordable rates? Samsung Galaxy S9 Refurbished will be your best bet. Purchase it from reliable sellers who has good reviews online and gift yourself a feature loaded phone and that too at pocket friendly rates.


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