QR code check-in system: improving hotel guest experience

QR Code checkin

Over the last five years, the hospitality and tourism industry has made great strides in adapting to new technologies, such as QR codes, to improve their services.

Using QR codes in hotels can help with efficiency, return on investment, customer retention, and the quality of service.

Adding a QR code generator online tool to your hotel’s marketing plan is a great way to get more customers involved. It helps make an impression that will last.

Aside from bringing convenience to your clients, these little squares can also help you manage your employees and staff more orderly.

Four ways to use QR codes for hotels

The Washington Hospitality Association says that about 70% of hotels let guests make reservations using QR codes.

Since most guests have smartphones, they can easily interact with hotels through QR codes, which could be a big move for the hospitality industry.

Here are four ways that hotels use QR codes:

1. Simplified check-ins

Offering a QR code check-in system free of contact is a way for guests to get into their rooms.

This process is safe and secure, and customers won’t have to mess with the keycard.

Most hotel key cards have QR codes so guests can quickly get into their rooms. They will immediately settle into the hotel.

And since dynamic QR codes are editable, hotel managers and administrators can ensure that customers are always given the latest information.

2. Digital room service menus

Most hotels have upgraded their room service technology to serve their guests better, from contactless room changes to automated food orders.

Printing out the entire room service menu is no longer necessary because you can print a PDF QR Code on the catalog instead.

By scanning the code, your guests can easily access your specials on your website and make a reservation.

And since a PDF QR code is dynamic, you can easily change the file within it to update or change your menu. No need to create or print a new QR code.

3. Encourage guests to give feedback

Travel and hospitality businesses can improve by listening to their clients and acting on their suggestions.

Many hotel guests fill out a paper survey left by the counter before they leave. This is a good effort but an inconvenient and hard-to-track one.

A Google Form QR code can make collecting in-depth feedback and reviews a breeze. Hotels can use it to get feedback from their guests faster and easier.

Attaching a QR code to a comment card makes it easy for customers to leave feedback as they check out.

4. Easily promote your events

Most hotels have a variety of events, games, and other things for their guests to do right there on the property.

By putting an Event QR Code on brochures or posters around the hotel, guests can quickly see the events happening during their stay.

You can increase the number of people who buy from you by letting them book and pay on the landing page. Also, people invited can add a reminder to their calendars.

Improve hotel check-in process and services with QR codes

The experience provided by QR codes is comparable to that of more expensive technologies. Hotels and other industries can upgrade their customer services at a much smaller cost.

QR Codes are easy to implement, cost-efficient, and trackable. These squares can boost guest satisfaction and hotel revenue, and with customization, they can help raise brand recognition.

Now that you understand how QR codes can work in your hotel more creatively, it’s time to put them to use with the best QR code generator with logo software.

Provide a relaxing and convenient stay for your guests with QR codes for your hotel. Create yours today.


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