Profitable startups based on the artificial intelligence technology


If you have a great business idea, it would be a good idea to hire AI developers to implement it. Artificial intelligence will greatly simplify the process of making your ideas come to life and will also significantly speed up the work. Plus, AI startups may generate much higher returns.

Why does your business/startup need AI?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning open up brand-new opportunities in the business world. When used correctly, these two tools may increase a company’s profit, make its operations more efficient and make the brand itself successful.

By combining your imagination, the ability to generate ideas, and the capabilities of artificial intelligence, you will get the perfect product. The fears of people about the uprising of machines are groundless because it is the person who controls the AI, and not vice versa. Without a push or an idea, there would be no need to introduce artificial intelligence into work.

The popularity of AI in business circles is growing exponentially. More and more companies are using this development and enjoy the benefits of a modern approach in a short time.


Unique AI-powered ideas that will be profitable in 2020-2021

Today, many startups present ideas that at first glance seem fantastic, but with the right approach, they can bring tons of gold to their developers:

  1. App for writers/copywriters. Small business owners cannot afford to hire a large team of copywriters to create quality content. The AI ​​application will transform voice messages into texts. It is a true boon for writers and copywriters as they no longer have to use a pen or keyboard to make their thoughts into words.
  2. Application for journalists. Journalists need a lot of resources to collect, process, and update information on time. An experienced developer can create an AI-powered application that will automatically generate an article with the necessary information.
  3. Cybersecurity app. Artificial intelligence works automatically. It can be easily adapted to standard security measures against hackers and cyber fraudsters. AI systems can constantly analyze network packets and display regular traffic. Artificial Intelligence knows over 102,000 patterns on the Web.
  4. Recruiting app. AI can help HR managers view job seekers: evaluate CVs, compare job offers and candidates. This entire process can be automated. With the help of artificial intelligence, managers will be able to hire a perfect candidate who meets all the requirements of an employer.
  5. Online learning app. There are already mobile developments that allow you to search for study materials, but they can always be improved. Artificial intelligence can help students solve their problems.

In fact, this list is endless, since it’s easy to come up with tons of AI-based applications. This technology can be customized for any field of business. The main thing is to decide on the main idea and find professional developers. Together with a strong team, it won’t be difficult to launch a profitable startup.


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