Privatemessage: A Game-Changer in Secure File Sharing With Self-Destructing Messages


Technology advancement has brought immerse advantages revolutionizing nearly every sector of human civilization. Nonetheless, technology has also come with a fair share of challenges. Something that is becoming of key consideration and concern is data protection and safety online. There is a lot of data sharing online between users which is never protected from end to end to reduce chances of exposure to non-warranted persons. Cyber bullies and malicious people are always on the internet and social media trying to siphon innocent users of the messaging platform to break into the data silos and channels to steal information. Therefore, the need for a private secure system for sending private messages has risen over the recent past as people feel insecure about using normal messaging platforms to send and receive information deemed as very confidential. For these reasons was Privatemessage developed. 

Privatemessage is a communication channel that can be best described by the old school envelopes used to send letters with a tight seal and a tag on it ‘Let the reader be the opener.’ Synonymous, the platform allows only the intended readers to access the private message and is mostly only able to access the message only once. Once the viewership number of times is exceeded the message is deleted and the reader cannot view it again. 

Privatemessage has come at the time when it is needed most. Institutions, corporations, and even personal people find it difficult to send highly confidential messages through social messaging platforms. There is more risk of data exposure these days than it was in the past. The advancement of technological know-how has increased the number of people who can access data online without permission. Therefore, Privatemessage bridges the gaps by providing users with a platform to send messages that can only be read by the intended persons. The platform does not achieve this by mere efforts. It has embraced a combination of security measures to deliver the results desired. 

Part of the stringent security measures includes the end-to-end encryption of the messages to ensure that the information is completely secured from any exposure to non-warranted persons. Therefore, after the message is read or the time interval set for the message expires, the message is self-destructed and deleted by the system. It can never again be retrieved or read again. However, it is essential to note that the readers of the private messages sent through the Privatemessage can be copied. The system does not limit the readers from copying the messages. The idea is to limit the viewership of the message and not its content. Otherwise, the reader may take a screenshot or even memorize the message. 

Therefore, the objective of the Privatemessage platform is to ensure the intended message is delivered to the intended person and that is all. Therefore, it does not include any other alterations to the message’s contents. In the case the sender wants to send one message to many recipients, they can set the time interval between which they need the message to be read. After the lapse of that time, the message cannot be accessed by the persons it was sent to. The platform is free of charge and users do not need to create special accounts to use it. It uses Tornote a free web service that allows users to send completely hidden articles in the form of links which expire immediately after the first access. 

Though PrivateMessage does not promise a hundred percent guarantee of not being able to be penetrated by hackers, it at least provides a means for the users to send private messages with reduced risk of exposure of the data. It is a secure method of sending confidential information through the workplace network without jeopardizing the privacy of the content. the additional security measures provided by the company ensure that the content is as secure as possible. The service is only web-based and users cannot access it from the mobile applications. Therefore, the information is sent out in form of the web links which can be accessed through any web browser. However, the link immediately expires after the first access and the message cannot be otherwise retrieved later. The service has been used by millions of people to share confidential information with many other them preferring it to many other social platforms for its security.


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