PMP Value Summary l Why Participate in PMP Certification?


What are the benefits of PMP certification?

This is a world-class certification. With it, you will go from project management white to PM professional! Open your mouth and make a technical term!

With it, you will successfully complete the diaosi counterattack, gorgeous turn around rich and handsome, white rich and beautiful! After obtaining PMP, it will be the job that comes to you, not you who goes to find the job! What are the benefits of PMP certification for individuals? 

  1. Improvement of personal ability 

For those who have not yet started and are determined to work in project management, PMP will be a systematic learning process, fully understand the process of project management and the various process groups and knowledge areas of project management, and can theoretically grasp the theoretical qualities that project managers should have. For a person who is already engaged in project management work, the learning process of the PMP system can standardize the project management work and improve the professionalism of project management. 

2.Participate in PMP certification, you can get the PMP certificate issued by PMI

Having a PMP certification means that you have become a project management professional: 

  1. You already have a comprehensive scientific knowledge of project management; 

b.You have at least three years of project management experience; 

  1. Your above knowledge and practice have been approved by PMI inspection. 
  2. Development after obtaining the certificate 
  3. Get more career development opportunities: HR attaches great importance to the fact that PMP certification is recognized at the international level, and there are relatively first opportunities for PMP licensees in the face of many major business opportunities. Having a PMP certificate is a direct reflection of the level of project management for individuals and companies, which will facilitate personal career development. At present, in some large enterprises, PMP certification has become a mandatory qualification for enterprise “project managers”. If you want to enter a multinational company, PMP qualification is an indispensable “stepping stone”, and even one of the prerequisites. Therefore, on the basis of experience and ability, it is best to be able to obtain this certification. 
  4. Some trainees have been given the opportunity for promotion and salary increase after obtaining a certificate. 
  5. The guiding significance of practical work, almost all students believe that after learning PMP courses, PM thinking is more standardized and professional, and there is indeed a certain improvement in working methods and work efficiency. 
  6. Opportunity to meet more peers 

PMP certification is designed for working people, which adds an opportunity for those who go out of school to participate in the work, and then expand the high-level social group, so as to meet more peers and friends in addition to studying. Many students said that after learning PMP courses, it is very important to increase their sense of personal identity, meet a lot of friends in the same field or different fields, and through discussions in the learning process, they also have a new understanding of their work, which may be in the inherent circle, which is difficult to obtain value. 

Project Management PMP Certificate Value Summary?

  1. For individuals: 

Project management professionals have become a hot spot for enterprises and careers to compete for talent resources, and project managers have become a “golden profession”. Fortune magazine once asserted that project managers will become the best profession in the 21st century. PMP is a recognition and proof of the knowledge, ability and experience of project managers: the process of participating in PMP certification is a very effective way to master the thinking and methods of project management and improve work ability. Through PMP system training, you’ll prove that you’ve developed a whole new ability to understand and know how to effectively combine systems, methods, and people to complete projects and tasks within the set time, budget, and quality goals. PMP is the “Gold Certificate” on the road to success! Is an international passport for project managers. 

  1. For the organization: 

Economic globalization and the intensification of market competition have brought about fundamental changes in the business environment. The organizational structure of enterprises and institutions is larger, the relationship is more complex, the work across industries and departments is increasing, the product development has shifted to the team-oriented, and the pressure to reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and institutions is also increasing. This makes the project-centered organizational management model more suitable for the development and competition needs of the organization, and whether the organization has a large number of excellent project management personnel has become the key to the survival, development and participation of the enterprise in international competition. In the field of project management, enterprises and institutions need an industry standard, an endorsement and certification, to prove the knowledge, ability and level of individual project management personnel in the organization. PMP provides an internationally recognized standard for project managers, and the number of personnel who have obtained PMP certificates will surely become the image symbol of a company. 

  1. Global: 

Driven by PMI, project management PMP certification has surpassed MBA and MPA in the West and become a “gold certificate”. Project management has been widely used in aerospace, electronics, communications, computers, software development, construction, pharmaceuticals, finance and other industries and even government agencies. Many of the world’s most famous large companies such as Motorola, Lucent, Hongzhi, Morgan. Stanley, HP, Nokia, Bell, and even the White House, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the World Bank all operate on a project management model and require project managers to have pMP certificates. PMP certification is currently recognized by many countries and project management professionals around the world, and is a universal certification for multinational companies in various regions of the world. 

After you can guarantee to see the keywords, you will think of the pmi’s tricks and regularity of the paper. It has already produced muscle memory and conditioned reflexes. The improvement in the rate of writing questions, feelings and accuracy is more prominent. Suddenly realized the joy and sense of accomplishment of seeing the mountains and forests through the clouds and mist.

07:30 on October 23 this year is generally divided into an exciting moment. I have brushed my teeth and cleansed my face. Suddenly a window popped up on my phone, and I received an email from pmi “to congratulate you for obtaining PMP certification.” Grinning. Many years later, when you think of this period of learning and training PMP project risk management again, I could have been excited, thanking myself for my perseverance and hard work before.

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