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Plastic Bottle Paneling: 5 Causes and the Cures in 2022

by Peter Marah

Bottle paneling is something that occurs in too many bottles quite a number of times. However, the fact that such incidents go unnoticed sometimes means many people ignore them.  For instance, your water bottle could just develop this problem and get better without you knowing.  

However, for big companies which rely on plastic bottles for packaging, paneling is such a big problem.  This problem can affect the contents of a plastic bottle and give a wrong impression about all that.  In some cases, the packaged goods might even appear like they are substandard.  

What Causes Plastic Bottle Paneling and How Can It Be Solved? 

Plastic bottle paneling is simply an inward curving of any plastic bottle.  This condition comes about when the pressure inside of the plastic bottle becomes less than the pressure outside. In such a case, the bottle bends inwards which then gives a less appealing picture of the bottle. 

This problem might appear like a light matter but in reality, it is not.  For a big company as has been said, the problem is way much bigger.  As such, the affected companies always attempt much as they can to find lasting solutions to it.  

The good thing though is that there is a way of dealing with this issue.  Once you know where the problem is, you will definitely be able to deal with it accordingly.  This is exactly what you find in this text. 

The text aims to provide you with ways you can use in dealing with the plastic bottle paneling problem. If you have been faced with this problem for many years then the text below should be able to help you out.  The text offers you some real-time solutions which you can rely on in case you are faced with this issue.  

  • Changes in Temperature 

When air is heated then it tends to expand the same way when it is cooled it contracts. When the air inside of a plastic bottle is cooled it contracts.  This condition consequently results in the contracting of the bottle itself as well.  

If this is the cause of this problem then there are quite a number of ways you can use it in dealing with the issue.  One, you need to work on the structural integrity of the walls of the bottle.  If possible you can choose to use glass bottles as they are considered to be much stronger on the walls.  Click it

Other than that, you can also work on the reduction of the headspace of the bottle.  You can only do so by increasing the fill level of the contents of the bottle. If the problem comes about due to the issue of temperature then these solutions should be able to help you out.  

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2. Oxygen Reaction and Absorption

Sometimes it is just possible that the oxygen in the bottle’s headspace is being absorbed into the contents of the bottle. Other than that, there might also be some oxygen reaction with the contents in the bottle as well. When this happens one or the other then the thermal pressure in the bottle reduces significantly.  

The end result of such a thing might be the bottle paneling which some people experience sometimes. Dealing with a problem that comes about due to the following requires different approaches.  For instance, you can reformulate the product so as to remove all the ingredients reacting with oxygen.  

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  • The Gas Permeation through the Walls of the Bottle 

If you are experiencing plastic bottle paneling then this could also be one of the reasons as to why.  It is rather possible that the bottle walls may be permeable to the vapor of the bottle contents. If this is the case with your bottle then you are advised to reformulate the product.  

Doing so will enable you to get rid of the problem-causing ingredients. Other than that, you can also explore the vented lines.  Doing so will help you to equalize the pressure on the outside as well as the inside of the bottle.  

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  • The Fill Processing Could Be a Problem 

Sometimes the structure of the bottle might be compromised during the filling process.  This happens quite a number of times where machines sometimes compressor pinch some bottles.  In such a case, dealing with the problem is much easier than many people think.  

All you need to do is fill the plastic bottle with air and it will regain its structure back. However, if its structure is compromised beyond repair then you can choose to leave it.  The fact that such an act occurs rarely means that not so many bottles get affected many times.  

  • Environmental Factors 

Sometimes factors like fire and humidity can also contribute to the plastic bottle paneling issues. Dealing with such problems only requires you to avoid them.  For instance, you can avoid high temperatures which might affect your bottle and humidity as well. 

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If you are faced with bottle paneling problems consider reading the text above.  The text is a compilation of some of the possible causes of this problem and potential solutions to the same as well. 

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