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Planning Logo Development with your Private Label Partner? Here’s How you should Guide Him!

by Rebecca Daniel

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If your private label supplement branding company undertakes marketing initiatives like logo development, it could be a major help! Logo development is a complex affair. It requires deliberations, discussions, debates and trials, and collective efforts. Most importantly, it requires the right kind of input from the brand owner. What is it that you wish to represent via your logo? What kind of product positioning are you seeking? Finding answers to questions like these is the best start. Here are some facts you need to share with your private label partner for arriving at a great design. 

Guiding your Private Label Partner through Logo Creation

Choosing the Type that Best Suits your Business and your Products: There are different types of logos to choose from. You can pick from “Abstract marks”, “Word marks”, “Letter marks” and many more. To begin with, you must choose a type that suits your business. Once that is finalized, the rest of the design can progress. 

Who you are and what you do: The logo is nothing else but a visual representation of who you actually are and what you do as a business. In short, the logo must reflect the company’s mission perfectly. So, the colors you pick, the typeface you choose, and the shapes you make use of should all play a role in holding up that mission statement. The purpose of the brand should be given the highest importance. That’s when the logo will have the intended effect. 

Take stock of your Competitors: Before you suggest forms and colors to your private labeling partner, it is important to take stock of the competition. Specific sectors are associated with similar shapes and colors in their logos. These are established looks for a specified segment, such as using brown or green for organic products and so on. That’s how customers perceive these products. Deviating too much from the established brand may not be a good idea because audiences may not develop a connection with your product in such a case. Established firms have to be worked around. Also selecting the right creative packaging design can help you to level up your brand.

Uniqueness Scores: Just because you need to stick to norms does not mean you end up imitating competitors. Creating something unique ensures customers of a service or product that has something that no one else has. It could be using a unique shade of a familiar color or bringing in a shape that your competitors do not use. Simple twists can go a long way in creating uniqueness. The private label supplements company will also have inputs to share. 

Planning Space Alignment: When you plan space alignment for your logo, consider whether you wish to have a tagline or not. If yes, there needs to be free space for the tagline to fit in. If you do not plan to include a tagline, enlarging the logo to fit the allocated space is wise. 

Be it private label gummies, chocolates, supplements, or any other product for that matter, there is cutthroat competition everywhere. Getting your logo design right will help in cutting the clutter. 

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