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Last Saturday I was checking out an interior design account on Pinterest. And I said to myself: “hey, I should talk about this network on this blog. If you think Facebook and Twitter are the panaceas for social media marketing, you are wrong. For certain activities, Pinterest is the best social platform to promote your business with jaw-dropping statistics.

In addition, since Facebook bought Instagram, Pinterest is a platform to consider.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that this social network is still quite specific. So I need to tell you more about it.

What is Pinterest exactly?

Pinterest is a social network, created in 2010. It is therefore relatively recent compared to Facebook (2004) or LinkedIn (2003). A youngster among the grown-ups! The slogan of the social platform is simple: “When it’s a great idea, you know it when you see it. “.

It’s pretty consistent with its functionality of saving images.

In English, Pinterest is a grouping of 2 words: Pin and Interest.

So this is a place where you can create an account and pin images around an area of interest. The success is phenomenal since there are over 100 billion pins. For those interested in capital ties among web majors, is valued at around $ 10 billion.

It has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the acronym “PINS” since April 2019. So it doesn’t belong to another big one on the Web, unlike LinkedIn, which is now owned by software giant Microsoft.

Note: Some people say it’s not really a social platform. Indeed,  is at the crossroads between a social network and a search engine. After all, users find and pin content shared by other people around their interests. However, they rarely interact with the person who created the pin.

Think of Pinterest as a giant wishlist in which users collect images of what they “someday” want to buy or make.

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Some figures on Pinterest

Pinterest has more than 400 million monthly active users worldwide. Pinterest has around 77% of women among its members (source Statista), even the proportion of men is growing strongly (+ 48% per year). The number of monthly searches is 2 billion. 97% of these are on unbranded terms, which means that Pinterest users have a “discovery” intent (source: HootSuite).

Finally, the average lifespan of a pin is one week.

Indeed, social networks are disposable media. A publication is quickly drowned in the continuous flow of information. If you practice Twitter a bit, you know that the lifespan of a tweet is a few minutes. Then it disappears in the news feed. A post on Facebook has a slightly longer lifespan. A very successful post can last a few hours or even a few days. But eventually, the buzz will quickly run out of steam.

On Pinterest, it’s different.

The lifespan of a pin can be up to several months.

Indeed, you store your pins on tables.

A user who likes a Pin will visit the board to explore your Pin collection.

Plus, every time a Pin is re-pinned, it reappears as if it were new and the cycle begins again.

And since a Pin is shared 100 times more than a tweet, you may want to consider investing in high-quality design and/or photos for your posts on Pinterest.

My advice: Pinterest is the ideal place to promote or recall your brand among the fairer sex.

What types of activities can you find on Pinterest?

On Pinterest, you find a lot of different people. Here is a little “homemade” classification of different types of accounts that I was able to spot:

Blogger accounts

On Pinterest, bloggers find an excellent relay for their blog. It can blog on any type of subject, from vegan cooking recipes to gardening, extreme sports, luxury travel, interior design …

Major brand accounts

Most brands of fashion, cosmetics, beauty products, in short everything that concerns us specifically, us women, actively use Pinterest.

Small business accounts

These companies take advantage of a very involved and present community to promote their offer. There are plenty of diverse and varied activities there such as organic products, DIY products, interior decorators, gardening, sports and fitness, travel agencies.

The DIY movement

The “Do It Yourself” is very present on Pinterest. It is all about DIY, resourcefulness, home decoration … For example, you will find ideas to optimize your home by creating additional storage space.

So have you got “the knowledge of Pinterest?”


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