PDF, DOCX, RTF, and TXT Files: What’s the Difference?


It is easy to split and extract pages from PDF files with PDF Split Online. PDF, DOCX, RTF, and TXT Files are common office formats in our work and everyday lives. In spite of this, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many users discover they have different file extensions, but not all people know what those differences are. Therefore, let us discuss the differences between PDF, DOCX, RTF, and TXT files in this passage.


Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a popular type of office file format that ensures the document sent appears exactly as users planned on the recipient’s device. Its advantages are numerous: it is difficult to alter its layout and format when shared with others, compatibility with different software and platforms make opening the file easy for everyone, and compared to other office formats, it occupies little storage space.

If you need to change or edit something in a PDF file, it’s hard to handle. One possible solution is to convert PDF to Word. If you find PDF files added with passwords, you can use the tool Unlock PDF to get rid of them.

Document Format (DOCX)

As the newest file format in word processing, DOCX was developed by Microsoft in the 1980s. DOCX files can contain complicated images, charts, tables, headers, footers, hyperlinks, watermarks, and many more things. In addition, if you use Microsoft Word to open DOCX documents, your document will be checked for spelling and grammar automatically, ensuring its accuracy.

There are, however, two sides to every coin. If you open a DOCX file on a different computer, the format may be changed because of the large amount of data.

Text file

An RTF (Rich Text Format) file is a word processing document format designed to work with many word processing programs. You can open an RTF file with any text editor. Through the RTF file, you can format your text and insert simple images. You can also add passwords to the RTF file or convert RTF to PDF if you do not want the format or content of your RTF file to change.

Most word processing software uses the document file format DOCX, which is the newest version of the DOC format. RTF is less formatted than DOC in comparison to DOCX. RTF supports only italics, font sizes, types, and boldface. RTF cannot store as much data as DOC. Further, Microsoft has constantly been improving DOC, while it has stopped developing RTF.

A text file

TXT is a simple, unformatted file that contains just letters, numbers, and symbols. It provides users with the benefit of not having to worry about formatting instructions, meaning files can be opened, saved, and stored quickly. Whether you’re recording an essay or novel or writing source code as a programmer, TXT is the perfect format for your needs. Additionally, its versatile nature means these files are accessible in various programs – from computers to iPad and smartphones powered by Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

TXT, however, has the disadvantage of only being able to store text information. On the other hand, it does not appear as vivid or eye-catching as Word or PowerPoint.

Please refer to the following suggestions for editing different types of files. Keep in mind that the file format that is suitable for you will depend on your intentions and your own circumstances.



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