Online media webpage MY dispatches to assist Africans with bringing their nation and world to one another.


MY!, an online media stage for Africans by Africans giving prospects in world investigation by offering clients the chance to carry their nation and world to one another is set to dispatch in May 2021 to allow everybody an opportunity to recount their story.

As per Samuel Zean Jr, Co-author, MY! is a comprehensive web-based media stage that claims to all age gatherings and empowers clients to share content easily, by giving input and refreshing a post status. It improves on the cooperation among clients and gives them the full perceivability of content made.

“Greater part of Africans gripe of how African countries are depicted by the western nations on both conventional media and advanced media. The MY! application is created by Africans for Africans to assist with changing this story. Whereby, everybody is allowed an opportunity to recount their story their way.” Samuel Zean Jr, Co-originator, MY!

With more than 4 billion web clients across the world and developing by 332 million in the previous a year and in excess of 900,000 new clients every day, MY! Presents a stage where these clients particularly from creating economies can recount their story their own particular manner and own the stage. Universally, web client numbers are developing at a yearly pace of more than 7½ percent, however year-on-year development is a lot higher in many creating economies.

Created and established by a little gathering of self-subsidized African migrant networks from Liberia and Sierra Leone who live in Minnesota, the application is intended to take on both Facebook and Instagram. “In a period of such a lot of distress, it carries desire to many seeing this assorted gathering of individuals meeting up to make something exceptional for the world”. Adam Borgerding, VP of Operations, MY!

Moreover, the application offers clients the chance to hold the privileges of online media verification for their work. MY! permits its clients to augment their innovativeness to the greatest and prizes them for each transferred post shared. The application empowers clients to address their country by exhibiting a person’s country’s special fascination locales, highlights, natural life, culture, food, workmanship, abilities, ability, stories, business hustle, history thus considerably more.


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