September 25, 2022

Circular décor lights have been popularly used for decades as it suits any kind of interior decoration. The round shape light fixtures have seen many changes in their make, design and quality. Today, you have LED circular light fixtures that are quite a hit in the market because of its various attributes.

Now, there are hundreds of light fixture sellers near you. There are even online sellers influencing people to buy the most gorgeous light fixtures that are trendy, throw ample brightness and are priced reasonably. Gone are the days, when light accessories used to consume energy a lot. At present, there are LED lights that are energy savers as well as the quality to illuminate your home or commercial place quite beautifully.

The ranges of round light fixtures especially the LED lights are available at an affordable price at Sofary online shop. You can visit their website and browse through the wonderful lighting all equally unique in their style. Surely, you won’t be disappointed as the shop believes in selling only the best.

More about the prime benefits of using LED circular light fixtures:

  • The bulbs in the light fitting last longer. For a few years, you don’t have to worry about fixing the bulbs again as they are designed to illuminate for at least fifty thousand hours. The bulbs may be costlier compared to incandescent bulbs however fully worth every penny as they are quite durable.
  • They are safer to use regularly as the bulbs don’t explode or damage the electric circuit. It is because the bulbs aren’t made of glass and use less heat.
  • They are great energy savers. They provide the same brightness as incandescent bulbs do but consume quite less energy. Even though your house looks bright, be rest assured that you don’t have to pay a huge electric bill.
  • The pollution rate is less than the other kinds of bulbs. The LED bulbs don’t produce much heat thus no harm to the atmosphere.

There are no second thoughts about LED bulbs in any lighting fixtures that prove to be quite beneficial. That is the basic reason for it to be part and parcel of modern chandeliers, especially the crystal ones.

Types of round chandeliers with LED bulbs:

  • Crystal chandeliers: They are evergreen light fixtures always in fashion. The crystal sparkles with event less amount of light from the tiny LED bulbs. These kinds of chandeliers are suitable to be fixed in any part of the house.
  • Drum chandeliers: The shape of the chandelier is exactly like a drum. They have LED bulbs fixed in between metallic frame-work. They are signature of beauty to be hung in dining rooms, study rooms, kitchen and living rooms. People even use it to illuminate porticos and long corridors.
  • Empire chandeliers: As the name suggests they are big-size chandeliers having round shape bottoms. Mostly used to brighten the foyer and massive size halls. They are sophisticated pieces of light fixtures having innumerable LED bulbs to bring sheer opulence to your nicely decorated home. Hoteliers and people living in large spacious homes prefer to have this round-shaped chandelier with LED bulbs.

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