New Battlestar Galactica Movie Will Be In a ‘Imparted Universe’ To Peacock TV Series


The impending Battlestar Galactica film from X-Men veteran Simon Kinberg is still lightyears away, however, we presently realize the film will happen in a similar universe as the Battlestar Galactica reboot coming to Peacock.

Addressing Collider, Kinberg said he is in “steady correspondence” with Sam Esmail, the chief maker of the Peacock series. “As far as the circumstance with Sam and the show, I can’t say a lot regarding it other than there is a collaboration between the two endeavors and steady correspondence between us,” Kinberg said.

“We’ve become close and been having a truly happy time together and there will be, for the absence of a superior expression and it’s an abused expression, a common universe.”

This by implication affirms that the film will likewise be a piece of the universe that Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica series happens in light of the fact that we recently discovered that the Peacock series would recount to another story in that equivalent universe. Except if plans have transformed, it appears to be the two activities will proceed the mythos of the cherished 2004 show.

The Peacock series doesn’t yet have a delivery date. The last we heard, Michael Lesslie is ready to compose and leader produce the series. Lesslie was the showrunner for AMC’s The Little Drummer Girl, and author for the Assassin’s Creed film.

With respect to the film’s advancement, Kinberg says it’s as yet quite far away, adding that they are expecting to track down a chief for the venture this year.

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“It’s a megillah, humongous movie and the prep will be an extremely long prep period so I would envision regardless of whether we joined a chief today it would require six, nine months to prepare this film appropriately,” Kinberg said. “So at the most punctual, we’d take shots toward the finish of this current year. We’d most likely be taking shots toward the start of the following year.” Click here:

It’s been a lengthy, difficult experience for the Battlestar Galactica film reboot, with thunderings of its creation returning to 2009, when Moore’s series finished. In 2020, we learned Kinberg would compose and create the film. Kinberg has been important for the X-Men film series starting around 2006.

Furthermore, talking about Kinberg, the movie producer as of late remarked on the fate of the X-Men coming to the MCU, saying Marvel maker Kevin Feige, “realizes how he’s doing the MCU.”




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