Military Challenge Coins: What Are They? Why Are They Used?


If you have ever been to a military challenge coins ceremony, you must have seen a soldier being honored for his dedicated service above and beyond the call of duty. Though challenge coins have the shape of coins, they are not real coins. They are not made by the US mint and absolutely not used as currency. Instead, these special coins are manufactured by private minting firms. If you do not know much about it, you can find out more about them in the following section.

What Is A Challenge Coin?

Challenge coins are small metal coins that are considered medallions or novelty pieces that have the name and logo of the organization. Also, they can have the emblem of that organization. They are generally given to someone for appreciate[ing their hard work or issued to the members of the organizations as proof of membership. Just like that, the challenge coins are even used in the military sector.

The military traditionally uses different challenge coins for different branches, individual units, special groups, and even specific missions. For example, the US coast guards are rewarded with the US coast guard coins as a token of appreciation. The soldiers receive different challenge coins during their time in the army. Even the senior military leaders own a couple of challenge coins by the time they get retired.

Why Are They Used in the Military?

As we have mentioned earlier, the soldiers are awarded challenge coins as an appreciation for dedicated services to protect the citizen and the nation. Just like medals, soldiers also like to receive these tokens of appreciation. They feel proud and have a sense of confidence while displaying the military challenge coins they have received. Other than that, the military challenge coins are used as proof that you are a member of a specific unit or served on a specific tour of duty. In other words, it helps to prove that you are a part of the special unit. That’s why the US military offers their soldiers challenge coins.

Different departments in the military offer different versions of challenge coins. Some of them are US coast guard coins, US navy seals challenge coins, US army military police corps challenge coins, air force core values challenge coins, and many more.

What Else Can The Challenge Coins Be Used For?

In today’s modern days, the challenge coins can be seen everywhere. Just like the military, the challenge coins are used for many other reasons. It can be used for recognition, building bonds between members of a group, and commemorating a special event or an anniversary.

  • Awards and Recognition

Just like in the army, challenge coins are used as rewards in other industries as well. Different organizations use challenge coins to award their team members who perform their duties extremely well. Receiving coins as rewards can build a sense of pride and morale and your employees or team members will love receiving that honor.

  • Building Bonds and Connections

The challenge coins can keep the members connected to other members and the organization even after they leave the service. People love to flaunt these tokens of appreciation and feel proud about their service and contribution. In addition to that, the challenge coins pay tribute to events that members of an organization have worked so hard together to gain success and build a bond that will last forever.

  • Branding

In today’s world, challenge coins are used in the corporate world as well. Customized challenge coins can be used to identify a corporate brand or logo. Several companies are getting their own customized challenge coins with their logo or name engraved in them. These coins are then distributed at conferences, sales events, and trade shows. Thus, the challenge coins can be used as a marketing tool for brand promotion. Other than that, schools and sports teams are also actively investing in challenge coins and distributing them at local sports events in communities.

The Bottom Line

In short, challenge coins can be great gifts that are memorable and unique. Whether you want to honor a service member or appreciate the hard work of your employees, challenge coins can be a perfect gift to make the moment special and memorable. So, if you need challenge coins for an event or organization, you can easily reach out to challenge coin makers and lay hands on your customized coins,


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