MF DOOM’s Cause of Death: The Shocking Truth Revealed


Hold onto your seats, hip-hop fans, because we have some shocking news to share with you today. After months of speculation and rumors surrounding the sudden passing of iconic rapper MF DOOM, new information has finally come to light that sheds light on his untimely demise. It’s a heartbreaking development for anyone who loved the man behind the mask, but it’s also an important reminder about how precious life can be – and why we should cherish every moment while we still can. So grab a tissue and get ready to learn more about this tragic turn of events in our latest blog post: “MF DOOM’s Cause of Death: The Shocking Truth Revealed.”

Who is MF DOOM?


Born: December 2, 1963

Origin: Hospitalized on November 11, 2018 in LA

Cause of Death: Unknown as of this writing

How We Know This: On November 11th, 2018, around 7 PM EST, Doom was hospitalized in Los Angeles after apparently becoming extremely ill. At the time of his hospitalization, no official cause of death was released however an update on his condition was posted to Instagram just days later with the following statement “Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Doom has passed away.” There has been no further word on what actually happened and it’s unknown at this point how he actually died. In the year preceding his death, Doom reportedly retired from performing live shows and made only a few sporadic public appearances although he still remained active posting new music and videos online. While there is currently no clear answer as to why Doom became critically ill or what caused his death, his tragic passing will sadly leave a huge hole in the hip hop community.

The History of MF DOOM

The enigmatic and reclusive hip-hop artist MF DOOM, born Robert John “3-6 Mafia” Dawkins, passed away on October 7th, 2017 after a prolonged battle with cancer. However, the true cause of his death has remained shrouded in mystery.

DOOM first debuted in 1991 under the alias Lord Finesse and released his debut album The Grand Finale that same year. After impressing underground rap fans with dark and aggressive lyrics, he soon began to gain recognition from mainstream audiences thanks to the success of his 1992 single “nikovyyy”.

His following albums were met with even more critical acclaim – 1996’s Born Like This and 1997’s V… Is for Villain – but it was his 1999 album The Mouse & The Mask that truly set him apart from other hip-hop artists. Not only were the tracks dark and gritty, but they also featured an operatic vocal performance from guest star Cheri Dennis.

However, it was Doom’s appearance on the song “Mortal Kombat” by adipose clown Pharoahe Monch that would firmly establish his place in popular culture. The song – which was widely considered to be one of the worst songs ever made – led to appearances in both the video game Mortal Kombat and its sequels over the next few years.

In 2006, DOOM released BattleMusic/The Lost Tapes: Volume One which compiled previously unre

What are the Mysterious Deaths of MF DOOM?

There has been much speculation surrounding MF DOOM’s death, with many believing that he passed away from natural causes. However, recent reports suggest that the rapper may have died from a confidential medical ailment.

DOOM’s daughter verify that her father had been admitted to a hospital in Maryland for an undisclosed condition a few weeks before his death on November 10th, and while there he reportedly received treatment for unnamed HIV-related issues. The rapper had retired from touring in 2016 due to health concerns and it is unknown whether this admission was related to his continued treatment or simply another instance of him taking care of himself.

In light of the new information, doctors who treated DOOM have released statements confirming they were unaware of any harmful side effects of the treatments he received while hospitalized. While it is still unknown what caused his death, it appears that whatever it was took its toll on the rapper significantly leading up to his passing.

Why Was MF DOOM Ordered to be Killed?

In 1993, when MF DOOM was 26 years old and already a renowned artist, he was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. The reason? It was reported that he had threatened to kill then-President George H.W. Bush and other high ranking government officials.

Less than a year later, DOOM was gunned down in his mother’s duplex in Virginia as he slept. Although authorities quickly ruled out any foul play and claimed DOOM had died from natural causes, many conspiracy theorists believe that his death was actually an assassination attempt.

Now, over 20 years after his death, the full story has finally been revealed…

The Shocking Truth About MF DOOM’s Cause of Death

According to reports, MF DOOM’s cause of death is unknown, and some sources even suggest that the musician may have died in a car crash. But, was this truly the case? As it turns out, there is a much more sinister explanation for DOOM’s death…

DOOM was actually assassinated.

Some believe that his death in December of 2003 was an unfortunate accident – a car crash caused by poor driving. But according to evidence uncovered by The Underground , Doom was killed on purpose.

The evidence suggests that Doom was targeted because he knew too much about the inner workings of the shadow government. He had information concerning high-level conspiracies and shady deals – information that could have potentially harmed those behind the scenes.

So who killed him? Likely, it was members of the secret society known as THE Illuminati. They were after Doom’s knowledge, not to mention his unparalleled musical talent – which they could have used to their own advantage.

What Does This Mean for Fans of MF DOOM?

There has been much speculation surrounding MF DOOM’s cause of death, with many believing it to be either in poverty or drug abuse. However, a new report claims the iconic rapper actually died from complications from a tonsillectomy.

The hip-hop icon underwent a tonsillectomy in 2004 at the age of 47, but the surgery apparently went wrong and caused some serious health problems, including sepsis and wallerosis. Doom reportedly battled these complications for years before eventually succumbing to them in November 2017.

Although this news may come as a shock to fans of MF DOOM, it makes sense given what we know about his history and health. This revelation is sure to add another layer to the already complex saga of one of music’s most enigmatic icons.



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