MBA in Sales and Marketing- All you need to know


“The new reality is that MBA sales and marketing are continuously and increasingly integrated. Marketing needs to know more about sales, sales need to know more about marketing, and we all need to know more about our customers.”

– Jill Rowley

All businesses and corporate companies operate on certain deliverables and harbor certain products or services. The key to any industry is selling and marketing and hence, it is the most sought-after specialization among MBA aspirants. Doing an MBA in Sales and Marketing implies that a graduate will be eligible to work in the ever-growing sector of sales and marketing.

The specialization has seen a lot of changes in the past decade, with the digital aspect coming into the picture, several institutes now offer only MBA in digital marketing.

Let us understand the specialization in detail!

Without a doubt, an MBA in Sales and Marketing renders an individual with the necessary skills to expand the business products and also makes one eligible to be employed in almost any corporate establishment. But whether you pursue it significantly is what determines how your career path will look like. It is not only about the skills you develop or the theoretical learning credits you score in the course but also how you can practically apply these skills.

A well-crafted and comprehensive MBA in Sales and Marketing will make you completely industry-ready and hence, you can start working in a corporate environment without much hindrance. The emphasis on the hands-on and practical aspects in this specialization is much more than any other and institutes like IBMR-IBS and XLRI provide the necessary training to their students.

What does an MBA in Sales and Marketing teach you?

A steady and growth-oriented career in a well-established corporate organization is the goal of a candidate looking to pursue an MBA in Sales and Marketing. What really comes to question is- How does the degree render you with the ability to take on such huge responsibilities? Here are some skills you will learn during the course of the program:

Marketing Research
Industrial Marketing
Advertising and Sales Promotion
Managerial Economics
Consumer Behavior
E-mail Marketing

Customer Relationship Management

So, it becomes important for an institute to become an inspiring place for students to the wide world of sales and marketing. It mostly happens by subjecting students to various roles in the industry and emphasis on practical training and internships beyond classroom learning.

Scope After an MBA in Sales and Marketing

Everyone who is pursuing an MBA in Sales and Marketing is looking for a return on investment in the capital form. Great colleges like IBMR-IBS and IIMs are known for their placements and it actually becomes one of the key aspects when you’re considering colleges to study. The various fields in which an individual can work after graduating are:

Brand Manager
Area Sales Manager
Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Market Research Analyst

Logistics Manager

When you are looking at the top colleges for an MBA in Sales and Marketing, you will observe that the status they maintain by consistently performing in two categories is evidently observable. A good foundation in academics with a focus on learning key concepts and ideas and building connections with professional associations and big MNCs to facilitate placements and internships. Colleges like IIMs and IBMR-IBS have consistently been on top on both ends.

Theory vs Practical: A delicate combination

Opportunities come in abundance for a student who graduated from a good college like the prestigious IIMs and IBMR-IBS. These colleges offering MBA in Sales and Marketing are really worth the money and bring out the best in any student, also providing a space to grab a good placement offer which kicks starts their career.

Choosing the right college becomes very important and striking a balance between theoretical learning and practical, hands-on implementation is one of the key roles a college plays.


Specialization in Sales and Marketing will open new avenues and doors for you in various corporate settings. So, it’s essential to keep these things in mind as you look at colleges offering an MBA in Sales and Marketing. The most important thing is to be industry-ready by checking all the boxes so that you can finish your graduation and plunge your career into the stratosphere. It becomes essential to look out for new opportunities as the industry is full of them and keep hustling towards your goal!


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