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logwork time tracker screenshot monitor tool for time tracking

by Rebecca D

LogWork Time Tracker with Comprehensive Screenshot Monitor Tool for Time Tracking and Productivity

In this new virtual world we are living in, remote work is more prevalent than ever. For employers, team leaders, and CEOs, this can make it difficult to ensure employees are still productive as they would be in an office setting. Luckily, the LogWork time tracker provides a time tracking and screenshot monitor tool that allows you to generate reports, calculate time worked, and more to ensure that time is being used efficiently. Remember: time is money! So, whether you’re a manager, CEO, employer, or even self-employed and want to track your own productivity, LogWork has the ultimate all-in-one tracking tool for all professionals. Best of all, it’s FREE! Let’s go over some of our key benefits and how your working approach will change for the better through our product.

  1. Insightful Dashboard

LogWork time tracker contains a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to view insights of total time worked, most used apps, and how much time was spent on each program. You can also view screenshots from the screen monitoring tool, as well as the user’s keyboard and mouse activity for each program.

  1. Track Your Time Wisely

You and your team can track the tasks you are working on and see in how many hours you’ve completed them. Just type in the green rectangle, or click on another task you’ve done previously underneath, and press the large Green start button to begin logging your time. This will create reports for each day that you work and include your hours.

  1. Comprehensive Timeline

View monthly reports for hours worked daily for an entire month. You can also view past monthly reports and past insights with the LogWork time tracker.

  1. Time Reports

You have access to several reports for the client, project, employee, task note, application, or the web. You can create reports for each individual employee, some, or all at once. Employees can create task notes which you can search for based on keywords or by client and project. Select a date range and find data for all hours worked on that project or task. You can also view the percentages on all tasks to see how much of their time worked was spent on certain websites, programs, and everything else.

  1. Projects and Clients

You can create projects for you and your team to track how long you’ve worked on each one. This makes it easier to track your activities for recording your time. To add a new Project, simply click the large green button at the top of the option, or edit and delete other Projects. There is also an option to choose the Client. There are designated spaces to add both new projects and clients.

  1. View Your Team

With LogWork’s screenshot monitor tool, you have access to your team’s activity. Take screenshots of their computers at designated times and set time limits for a project. This way, you always have access to your employees’ work status to keep them on target with your company’s goals.

As you can see, LogWorks’s all-in-one tracking tool allows for full insight on time, projects, and tasks along with the help of our screenshot monitor feature. Stay up to date on your team’s projects and hours through the dashboard, timeline, projects, and team menus. Get started and unlock your full potential through your productivity for free today.

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