Keto Comfort Foods for When You Are Sick


Keto Comfort

Everyone today knows at least one friend who has tried or is currently on a ketogenic diet. Some of you might even be that friend! However, breaking the ketosis cycle due to illness can completely put you off the diet. 

For most people, starting on a keto diet is difficult. If you do manage it, the health benefits are numerous. It is known to help with weight loss and obesity and boost your overall metabolism. 

You can follow keto meal prep recipes to help you stick to your diet plan. The real question is, can you stay keto-compliant when sick?

To Keto or Not to Keto

While it might not be possible if you are going through something serious, a keto diet can certainly help with more minor illnesses. 

In case of common cold or flu, a rich, hearty bone broth is just what you need. You can store it in the fridge and enjoy it over time. You can even use it to make delicious, hot soup. 

Being sick can also be an excellent opportunity to add more green to your meals. Cabbage, broccoli, peppers, and zucchini are stuffed with nutrients that help you make an early recovery. 

In case, you can’t bear the feeling of chewing vegetables. A green juice powder is a better option to balance your meal and supply nutrition. Remember to eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can.

You can turn to a keto staple if you have a sore throat- hot water with lemon and honey! You can also try gargling with water with a bit of oregano oil. These home remedies are easy and will not affect your ketosis at all!

Tip: If you have a fever, you can try fasting if your body feels up for it. Remember to stay hydrated, though!

Comfort Food!

When you think of recovery, you think of comfort food. Just because you are on a keto diet does not mean you have to miss out. These meals are as necessary for your soul as they are for your body.

You can even plan and do some keto meal prep at the start of your week. This will allow you to rest and help you bounce back faster. 

Chicken Soup

A steamy bowl of chicken soup can put life back into your body. Use that bone broth, add some garlic, onion, and diced chicken. It is simple, convenient, and incredibly filling. 

You can pack some more fat into it by adding some cream. This will give the soup a smooth, thick texture and help you maintain your macros ratio. 

Zucchini Lasagna

Pasta is a big no-no when it comes to keto. It is high in carbs and can shoot up your blood sugar, putting you out of ketosis. 

What you can do instead is use thinly sliced zucchini as sheet pasta. This is a perfect pasta substitute for making lasagna. Also, there is no difference in flavor! So, you can still enjoy comfort food without losing out on the health benefits.

Bacon Chips

If you miss having tortilla chips with guac, here is an alternative. Baked bacon chips! They pair up perfectly with guacamole. You might even find yourself favoring this new recipe over the original!

Hot Beverages

Keeping up your keto macro goals is vital, and hot drinks can come in handy. A cup of bulletproof tea or coffee topped with cream can fill your heart and stomach quickly. 

Summing Up

Do not use being sick as an excuse to skimp out on your keto diet. You can even order keto meal prep online if you do not feel like cooking. 

You have put in a lot of hard work getting to where you are, so don’t let that go to waste, especially when you do not have to compromise on taste or your health!


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