Jeffrey Dahmer Killed 17 Young Men And Boys – Then Defiled Their Corpses In Unspeakable Ways


Known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal,” serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer committed some of the worst murders in American history before being caught in 1991.

the morning of May 27, 1991, Milwaukee police reacted to a disturbing call. Two ladies had experienced a stripped kid on the road who was confused and dying. In any case, as the police showed up at the scene, an attractive light man drew closer and guaranteed them everything was well. Yet, that man was the famous chronic executioner Jeffrey Dahmer.

Dahmer tranquility told the cops that the kid was 19 years of age and his sweetheart. As a general rule, Konerak Sinthasomphone was only 14. What’s more, he was going to turn into Dahmer’s most recent casualty.

Yet, the officials trusted Jeffrey Dahmer. Albeit the ladies attempted to protest, they were told to “shut the damnation up” and “butt out” of this “homegrown” debate. Coming back to the station, the officials kidded with regards to the gay “sweethearts” – totally uninformed that they’d recently permitted a homicide to occur.

It was nevertheless one of 17 homicides that Dahmer would submit somewhere in the range of 1978 and 1991. After a short time, the 31-year-old Dahmer was captured and accused of killing Sinthasomphone, alongside different men and young men. Sadly, Jeffrey Dahmer’s casualties were frequently youthful, going in age from 14 to 31.

This is the loathsome story of a barbarian chronic executioner – and how he at long last got found in the act.

The Little Boy Fascinated With Death

Jeffrey Dahmer’s high school yearbook photo.

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was brought into the world on May 21, 1960, to a working-class family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At a youthful age, he became intrigued with everything connected with death and started gathering the corpses of dead creatures.

Frightfully, Dahmer’s dad noticed the way in which his child was “strangely excited” by the hints of crashing creature bones.

When Dahmer was in secondary school, his family had moved to Bath Township, a drowsy suburb of Akron, Ohio. There, Dahmer was a pariah who immediately turned into a drunkard. He drank intensely at school, regularly concealing lager and hard alcohol in his military weariness coat.

To fit in, Dahmer would frequently pull commonsense jokes, such as professing to have seizures. He would do this so often that pulling off a decent commonsense joke became referred to around the school as “doing a Dahmer.”

During this time, Dahmer additionally understood that he was gay. As his sexuality bloomed, so too did his undeniably unusual sexual dreams. Dahmer started fantasizing about assaulting men and became stirred by the possibility of totally ruling and controlling someone else.

As Dahmer’s vicious dreams developed further, his control debilitated. Only weeks after he graduated secondary school, Dahmer submitted his first homicide.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Murders Begin

Eighteen-year-old Steven Mark Hicks, Jeffrey Dahmer’s first known victim.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s folks separated from that very year he graduated secondary school. His dad and sibling chose to move into a close-by inn, and Dahmer and his mom kept residing at the family home. Whenever Dahmer’s mom was away, he had full control of the house.

On one such event, Dahmer exploited his freshly discovered opportunity. He got 18-year-old drifter Steven Mark Hicks, who was headed to a stage performance in neighboring Lockwood Corners. Dahmer persuaded Hicks to go along with him at his home for certain beverages before he went to the show.

Late-night of drinking and paying attention to music, Hicks endeavored to leave, a move that angered Dahmer. Accordingly, Dahmer cudgeled Hicks from behind with a 10-pound free weight and choked him absurdly. He then, at that point, stripped Hicks bare and stroked off on his dead cadaver.

Then, at that point, Dahmer brought Hicks down to the unfinished plumbing space of his home and started analyzing the body. Subsequently, Dahmer eliminated the bones, crushed them to powder, and disintegrated the tissue with corrosive.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s homicides had started. Yet, by all accounts, Dahmer appeared to be an ordinary young fellow who was battling to sort his life out.

He momentarily went to Ohio State University yet exited after one term because of his drinking. He additionally filled in as a battle doctor in the U.S. Armed force for a very long time before his liquor addiction turned into an issue.

In the wake of being respectably released, he got back to his grandma’s home in West Allis, a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It would later become known that Dahmer had sedated and assaulted two different warriors.

As a nonmilitary personnel, Dahmer’s viciousness proceeded. He carried out various sex wrongdoings, incorporating jerking off before kids and tranquilizing and assaulting men at gay bathhouses. In September 1987, Dahmer raised back to kill when he killed 25-year-old Steven Tuomi.

Dahmer met Tuomi at a bar and persuaded the youngster to return to his lodging with him. Dahmer later guaranteed that he had recently planned to medication and assault the man, however, stirred the following morning to observe his hand wounded and Tuomi’s bloodied body under his bed.

“An Incessant And Never-Ending Desire”

Jeffrey Dahmer’s homicide of Steven Tuomi was the impetus that started Dahmer’s actual killing binge. After that deplorable wrongdoing, he started effectively searching out young fellows at gay bars and attracting them back to his grandma’s home. There, he would medication, assault, and kill them.

Dahmer killed no less than three casualties during this time. He was additionally captured for the attack of a 13-year-old kid. Because of that charge, Dahmer would serve eight months in a work camp.

All things considered, killing consumed him. “It was a relentless and ceaseless craving to accompany somebody at whatever cost,” he later said. “Somebody gorgeous, truly pleasant looking. It just filled my contemplations the entire day.”

Yet, murder alone wasn’t sufficient. Dahmer likewise started to gather peculiar prizes from his casualties. This training started with the homicide of a 24-year-old hopeful model named Anthony Sears.

Burns initiated a discussion with the apparently blameless Dahmer at a gay bar. Subsequent to returning home with Dahmer, Sears was sedated, assaulted, and ultimately choked. Dahmer would then protect Spears’ heads and privates in containers loaded up with CH3)2CO. At the point when he moved into his own place downtown, Dahmer carried the dissected bits of Sears with him.

Over the course of the following two years, Dahmer submitted the greater part of his 17 killings. He would bait young fellows back to his home, frequently offering them cash to present bare for him prior to killing them.

Body parts from Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, were found in his fridge. 1991.

As Jeffrey Dahmer’s murders continued, his depravity deepened.

Subsequent to taking photographs of the bodies and dissolving their tissue and bones, Dahmer would routinely keep the skulls of his casualties as prizes. He additionally started exploring different avenues regarding different strategies to safeguard these frightful keepsakes. He once even incidentally detonated the head of one of his casualties, Edward Smith, when he attempted to dry it out in the broiler.

Around a similar time, Dahmer started to fiddle with savagery. He kept body parts in the cooler with the goal that he could devour them later.

However, even that wasn’t to the point of fulfilling Dahmer’s nauseating inclinations. He additionally started boring openings into the tops of his casualties while they were medicated nevertheless alive. He would then pour hydrochloric corrosive onto his casualty’s cerebrum, a procedure that he trusted would place the individual in a super durable, open, and agreeable state.

He endeavored this technique with various casualties, including Sinthasomphone. That is the reason, alongside being sedated, the kid couldn’t speak with the police and request help.

Dahmer’s most savage dreams had crawled from bad dreams to the real world. Be that as it may, he concealed it well. His probation officer didn’t speculate a thing. Furthermore, Jeffrey Dahmer’s casualties regularly didn’t understand what was occurring until it was past the point of no return.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Last Would-Be Victim

Jeffrey Dahmer’s final would-be victim, Tracy Edwards. 1991.

On July 22, 1991, Dahmer followed 32-year-old Tracy Edwards. As he did with a large number of his casualties, Dahmer offered Edwards cash to posture for naked photographs in his condo. Yet, to the shock of Edwards, Dahmer cuffed him and compromised him with a blade, advising him to strip down.

Dahmer then, at that point, insulted Edwards, letting him know that he planned to eat his heart. Dahmer put his ear against Edwards’ chest and shook this way and that.

Terrified, Edwards attempted to appease Dahmer, telling him that he was his friend and that he would watch TV with him. While Dahmer was distracted, Edwards punched him in the face and ran out the door — escaping the fate of becoming another one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s murder victims.

Edwards flagged down a police car and led the officers to Dahmer’s apartment. There, a policeman discovered photos of dismembered corpses — which were clearly taken in the same exact apartment that they were now standing in. “These are for real,” said the officer who uncovered the photos, as he handed them to his partner.

A 57-gallon drum of acid was found in Jeffrey Dahmer’s room. He often used this drum to disintegrate his victims.


However Dahmer endeavored to oppose capture, he was immediately kept.

After looking into it further from the condo, the police observed four cut-off heads in the kitchen and an aggregate of seven skulls, a large number of them painted. In the refrigerator, they observed various body parts, including two human hearts.

In the room, they observed a 57-gallon drum – and immediately saw an overwhelming scent radiating from it. At the point when they peered inside, they observed three dissected human middles dissolving in a corrosive arrangement.

The apartment was filled with so many human body parts that were stored and arranged with such care that the medical examiner later said, “It was more like dismantling someone’s museum than an actual crime scene.”

When The Tables Turned: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Murder

Jeffrey Dahmer’s murder trial shocked and horrified the nation.

Dahmer was captured, and it didn’t take long for him to concede to every one of the 17 of his homicides. However, in spite of his unspeakable wrongdoings, Dahmer was viewed as rational during his 1992 preliminary.

Some contradicted the assertion of mental soundness – including undoubtedly another chronic executioner. Whenever John Wayne Gacy was asked his thought process of Dahmer, he said, “I don’t have a clue about the man actually, yet I’ll tell ya this, that is a genuine model with respect to why craziness doesn’t have a place in the court. Since supposing that Jeffrey Dahmer doesn’t meet the prerequisites for craziness, then, at that point, I’d despise like damnation to run into the person that does.”

At Dahmer’s preliminary, he conceded to 15 of the charges against him and was given 15 life sentences in addition to 70 years. He would spend the following three years detained at Wisconsin’s Columbia Correctional Institution, where he would be evaluated by the media on different occasions. Obviously, he immediately became notorious as one of the most awful chronic executioners in current history.


The Milwaukee Sentinel reports on Dahmer’s death. November 28, 1994.

During his time in jail, Dahmer had steady considerations of self-destruction – yet he could never find the opportunity to end his own life. On November 28, 1994, an individual prisoner and indicted killer named Christopher Scarver beat Dahmer the tar out of with a metal bar in the jail restroom.

As per Scarver, Jeffrey Dahmer neither retaliated nor did Jeffrey Dahmer utter a sound during the assault, yet rather seemed to acknowledge his destiny. Awsome content:

If he’d have had a choice, he’d have let this happen to him,” Dahmer’s mother told the Milwaukee Sentinel soon afterward. “I always asked if he was safe, and he’d say, ‘It doesn’t matter, Mom. I don’t care if something happens to me.’”

“Now is everybody happy?” Joyce Dahmer asked. “Now that he’s bludgeoned to death, is that good enough for everyone?”





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