Jasha Lottin and John Frost are an Australian married couple who posed nude inside a dead horse for an Instagram photo.


Jasha Lottin And John Frost

Australian couple John and Jasha Lottin have catapulted their Instagram profile to notoriety with a controversial photo of the pair attempting to get inside a dead horse.

Jasha Lottin and John Frost are a married Australian couple who have become popular on TikTok after posing naked inside a dead horse.

What Happened With The Couple Who Baked In Horse?

John Frost and Jasha Lottin are an Australian married couple who posed nude inside a dead horse for an Instagram photo. People were both outraged and fascinated by what they did, with some comparing it to shocking art and others finding it disgusting.

Since the photo was posted, the couple has defended their actions, saying that the horse was already deceased when they took the picture and that there was no malicious intent behind their decision. They argue that their nude image is simply art, and that they’re not condoning animal cruelty.

Despite these explanations, many people are still upset by the photo and believe that the couple should have known better than to take it. Some have called for them to be prosecuted or condemned, while others have pleaded with them to continue doing what they do because it’s interesting.

Who Is Jasha Lottin And John Frost?

Jasha Lottin and John Frost are an Australian married couple who posed nude inside a dead horse for an Instagram photo. The photograph has since gone viral, but the couple has remained largely anonymous. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Lottin revealed that she and Frost conceived the idea while on a road trip in the US. “We were just looking at Instagram one day and I thought it would be fun to do a nude picture of ourselves in front of a dead horse,” she said. “I didn’t know if he would do it but he did actually!”

Lottin and Frost debuted their image online in May of this year and it has since been shared over 183,000 times. According to Daily Mail, they plan to continue using their platform to raise awareness for animal rights issues.

What More Can We Learn From This Screaming Scandal?

There has been a recent outcry on the internet due to an Instagram photo that Jasha Lottin and John Frost took of themselves posing inside of a dead horse. While the photo is clearly NSFW and disturbing, there are still many things we can learn from this shocking incident.

What’s Next For The Duo?

The Australian married couple Jasha Lottin and John Frost are no strangers to controversy, as they have been known to pose nude inside a dead horse for an Instagram photo.

Since releasing their photo in February, the duo has faced mixed reactions from their followers, with some praising their boundary-breaking display of creativity and others criticizing them for endangering their own safety.

Although it may be hard to predict what the duo will do next, it’s impossible to deny that they have a unique spark that sets them apart from most other people.


Jasha Lottin and John Frost are an Australian married couple who posed nude inside a dead horse for an Instagram photo.

The story behind the unusual image is explained by the couple themselves on their blog, Jasha and John, which says: “We had been travelling for about 3 weeks and were just about out of money when we stumbled upon this dead horse on the side of the road. We knew that if we could get some amazing, serene photos of ourselves inside of it, it would surely help sell our shots (and maybe even get us some free food).
“We both felt really uneasy about having our naked bodies so close to death but John managed to talk me into it with a few convincing arguments (mainly that there was no one else around). We stripped down and climbed in – and shortly after, set up our camera to take some scenic photos.”

The photo went viral and Jasha and John now have over two million views on their video of explaining how they made it. They say they’ve received death threats, but laugh them off as “a little extra spice in our lives”.


Australian couple, Jasha Lottin and John Frost, are facing criminal charges after the social media post of the now-infamous nude photo taken inside a dead horse.

According to news reports, the couple posed for the photo inside a decomposing animal which they then posted on Instagram with the caption: “The sun shining through the empty eye sockets… A beautiful day out with the boys!”

The post quickly made its way online and stirred up controversy as many commenters argued that it was disrespectful to both the animal and those who have lost loved ones in horses accidents.

Lottin and Frost initially defended the photo, insisting that they were only playing around and did not mean any harm. However, after several online petitions were launched calling for their prosecution, they reportedly decided to turn themselves in to Queensland police on Wednesday.

The pair has since been charged with animal cruelty, possession of child pornography and selling obscene material. They are scheduled to appear in court later this month.


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