Is Solar Worth it to Produce Electricity


Expected Energy Bills and How Much You Might Save

Several people are today more conscious about the environment, and that’s why solar is becoming an option. But is solar worth the hype it gets when it comes to electricity production? There’s a lot you need to consider before determining if solar is worth the actual hype it gets or not. If you look at the impact on the environment alone, solar is worth every single penny you put into it. Below are some ideas that’ll show you if solar is worth producing electricity or not. Of course, you’ll need to look at the installation costs and other costs such as maintenance to determine its worth in the end.

You need to look at the energy bills you are currently incurring before anything else. For example, if you pay over the average standard, you are one of the people who need solar. Here, you may not need to install it thoroughly; you can use it for specific functions like water heating.

Look at it this way; if you are rarely at home, it means that water heating is what consumes most of your energy. Your light bulbs and other amenities may be switched off when you are out of the house. Having solar to cater for water heating may be the prudent move to save on your bills. The math here is pretty easy to understand; when you want to install solar, the size of the panel is quoted in theoretical electrical output potential. The capacity factor is between 15%-30% of the same theoretical output. For example, a 3-kWh house running on 15% can produce around 3,942kWh per year.

Maintaining solar panels

The benefits of solar can’t be fitted on one page as you get plenty depending on where you live. Some downsides too are there when it comes to solar; for example, when there’s no sunlight, it won’t work. There are, of course, some converters that can help you at night or when it’s cloudy outside; they are expensive. When it comes to maintaining the panels, you need to have the proper company work on that for you. For example, South Australia Solar Company can help you get the most out of your solar panel. Ideally, a good panel should see you through ten or more years before a significant revamp is done on it. But you can only have that kind of longevity with the proper maintenance of the panels

  • Ensure the panels are clean, free of defects, and secure
  • Vents are free of debris
  • Switches have no defects
  • No part is corroded
  • The wiring hasn’t been damaged

These are some things that a solar company may help you with. You can check on your own before calling the company to fix them if there are any faults.

Solar is worth it, depending on where you live and the availability of electricity. You need to invest quite a lot before getting the best out of the system, though, and maintain it well. With the right panels, you will save the environment and save on your power bills when you use solar energy.




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