THC-O Gummies

Despite their popularity, THC-O gummies are relatively new on the market. Therefore, while there is plenty of information about how to dose products such as CBD and delta-8 THC gummies, less is known about how much THC-O to consume.

Honestly, there is not a universally correct dosage. We can tell you that THC-O is significantly more potent than most other commercially available cannabinoids, so it is important to be cautious when using it for the first time. The number of THC-O gummies you can consume daily varies depending on how your body reacts to the cannabinoid.

It investigates how much THC-O you should use based on how much marijuana you have used in the past and your general tolerance for THC.

What are the likely effects of THC-O on me?

Prior to buying THC-O gummies from Premium Jane or another reputable brand, it is important to note that its nickname is the “spiritual cannabinoid.” It is considered three times stronger than the delta-9 THC found in marijuana. Thus, it is at least four times stronger than HHC and up to six times stronger than delta-8 THC.

Those who use THC-O claim that the cannabinoid provides uplifting and energizing effects similar to what one feels after using a Sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid. As soon as the dose goes beyond a certain level (which varies from user to user), the effects can become psychedelic.

It’s unlikely that you’ll experience hallucinogenic effects unless you use a pretty substantial amount (which is not recommended). Some users claim to experience visual enhancements as a result of increased eye dilation, which makes you highly sensitive to light, movement, and colors.

Also, when using THC-O gummies, be aware of how long it takes for the product to have an effect. Since they are edibles, you might feel the potent high after 30 minutes to two hours. Individuals looking for a faster onset often opt for THC-O vape pens instead. A few puffs are all it takes to feel intoxicated, and the high begins within minutes of taking one.

In contrast, the high from THC-O gummies can last for hours, while the high from a vape pen dissipates fairly quickly.

What is the recommended dosage of THC-O Gummies?

The standard dosage of THC-O is 25mg per gummy, but some brands may sell gummies with lower concentrations. Since THC-O is three times stronger than delta-9 THC, a 25mg THC-O gummy is the equivalent of 75mg delta-9 THC. People with low to medium THC tolerances and new users will be overwhelmed by this dose.

The following is a quick breakdown of how much THC-O you should use based on your experience level and tolerance for THC.

If you insist on trying THC-O, stick to a maximum of 2mg. If you are a beginner, HHC or delta-8 would be better options.

If you are moderately experienced and can handle a moderate dose, start with 3-5 mg of THC-O. If you consume more than 10 mg, you will likely feel very strong effects.

You can expect to feel highly potent effects once you exceed 15mg if you are an experienced user and have developed a high tolerance to marijuana.

It is therefore best to avoid THC-O gummies as a beginner. You should instead use HHC or delta-8 gummies. If you are moderately experienced, you should use one quarter of a standard THC-O gummy, which amounts to 6.25mg. If you are an experienced marijuana user, try half a gummy at first, as this contains 12.5mg of THC-O.

Using THC-O Gummies: Final Thoughts

If a standard THC-O gummy contains 25mg of the cannabinoid, you should probably not consume more than one. In fact, half a gummy is all it takes to feel a highly intoxicating buzz. If you go beyond that level too early, you could experience a psychedelic effect that isn’t to everyone’s liking. For beginners, delta-8 or HHC is a good place to start.



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