Is Central Cee In A Relationship? Look At His Dating History!


There are enough TikTok videos about Central Cee and Madeline Argy to fill an entire theisis, and it appears that Central Cee has a new girlfriend.

Users on TikTok appear to have conducted extensive research and discovered that rapper Central Cee, 24, is dating influencer Madeline Argy.

The couple, who was thought to have had a vacation in Ibiza last week, was seen exiting a club together.

The fans of Central Cee are now interested to know Who Is Central Cee is Dating and Who Is Central Cee’s Girlfriend 2022? Madeline, 21, is from London and has over two million followers on TikTok, where she primarily broadcasts relevant tales and wellness videos. Who Is Central Cee Dating? will be discussed in this article. so look at it!

Is Central Cee Dating Maddison Argy?

Fans have discovered hints that Central Cee and Madeline Argy are dating after the two were seen leaving a London venue together.

London-based influencer and TikToker Madeline Argy. She is well-known for her cooking and storytimes and has more than 2 million fans on TikTok. Madeline joked in a TikTok video she made in September 2022 with Central Cee that “I’ve never heard of him in my life” as he appeared behind her.

She is 21 years old, according to her management’s webpage. Recently, Cench announced that his lover was bisexual in the lyrics of his new song, “Doja.”

Fans connected the dots after Madeline disclosed that she is bisexual. In addition to being seen together, she uploaded a photo of herself wearing one of the 24-year-old rapper’s hoodies.

History Of Central Cee Dating

Malu Trevejo

Although the “Loading” rapper keeps his personal relationships private, there have been a few women who have been linked to him.

A mystery female was addressed by Cench in a video explaining the meaning of his popular song “Doja” in August 2022. He disclosed that he had a bisexual ex-girlfriend who was “the first proper gay person I interacted with.”

The next month, it was made public that Madeline Argy, a popular TikTok user, and Central Cee were dating.

Liyah Mai

Central Cee was romantically linked to social media sensation and model Liyah Mai.

When Mai uploaded a video while sitting in the passenger seat and Central Cee was operating the vehicle, the couple started rumors.

In the car, Central Cee’s song “Loading,” on which he raps lyrics about the 22-year-old Instagram beauty, was playing.

In the lyrics, the rapper spits: “It’s time that I find me a wife/More time I don’t have no type/But I wouldn’t mind me a Liyah Mai (okay, okay)”. Fans believed the couple was dating, but it was never confirmed.

Kenza Boutrif

The “chemistry” between Central Cee and Kenza in his “Commitment Issues” music video led fans to believe they were dating.

In the days after the video’s premiere in February, the rumors circulated on social media.

As Central Cee’s love interest in the video, Kenza gave people the impression that they were dating in real life.

However, neither Kenza nor Cental Cee addressed the rumors of a relationship.


It was rumored that Central Cee was dating a lot of women. His history of relationships with several women is impressive. He hasn’t said anything definitively yet. By putting the puzzle pieces together, we can conclude that he is dating Madeline Argy, a TikTok influencer.

A large portion of the crowd saw both of them leave a club. Madeline once shared a photo of herself wearing Central Cee’s hoodie. But they haven’t yet confirmed. It is a given that they are romantically involved.


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