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Importance Of Getting Legal Representation After Sustaining A Dog Bite Injury

If you stop for a moment to consider how many individuals that number represents, you’ll see that it’s quite a significant number. Not only are dog bites quite common, but they frequently result in significant medical issues that require immediate attention. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the more prevalent injuries and circumstances that we have encountered when representing clients whose dogs have been bitten. You must make contact with a personal injury or Denver dog bite attorney to further explore your case. You must grasp the serious nature of these injuries; nevertheless, it is also crucial that you do so. In the following, we shall go into the specifics of the reasons behind the importance of this step.

Why Is It So Serious When A Dog Bites Someone?

Do not minimize the seriousness of an injury caused by a dog bite. If you have been bitten by a dog, you must get medical assistance as soon as possible. These bites can be considered major medical problems for a number of different reasons, including the following:

• Rabies: if you don’t know the dog that bit you, there’s a good chance that the bite carried rabies. This is especially true if the dog was wild. If a dog has rabies, it may readily spread the disease to other dogs since the virus is carried in the saliva. Rabies is an extremely serious disease.

• MRSA and Pasteurella are two frequent illnesses that may be caused by dog bites. Other infections, such as rabies, can also be transmitted by dog bites. If none of these infections receives the appropriate treatment, it might result in severe sickness.

• Loss of blood: Without immediate medical assistance, a severe bite can result in a significant amount of blood loss. It may be necessary to seal the incision with sutures or, in more serious cases, surgery.

• Damage to the tendons and muscles: Depending on the severity of the bite, there is a possibility that there will be internal damage to the tendons and muscles, which might result in the need for surgery.

Every one of the ailments described above calls for professional medical attention. In certain circumstances, you may be required to undergo long-term therapy, which can result in significant financial constraints that can rapidly spiral out of control. This is just another justification for why you should get a personal injury lawyer on your side throughout this process.

Pet Owners Are Responsible

Dogs can bite for several reasons, depending on the situation. In the past, we have seen people who wear masks for a variety of reasons, including protection, stress relief, and even just playing. Children of a young age are frequently the victims of dog bites because they inadvertently place themselves in situations that might agitate a dog to the point where it will lash out with a bite. But at the end of the day, it’s the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that the dog stays under control.

People who own dogs frequently assert, “No one could ever get hurt by my dog.” Unfortunately, we are constantly exposed to this argument. However, when placed in stressful settings, dogs exhibit behavior that cannot be predicted. The law in Oregon requires pet owners to exercise as much control over their animals as they are capable of.

Seeking Financial Recompense For Your Pain And Suffering

If you were hurt as a result of a dog bite, you must seek financial recompense for your injuries. The particulars of the dog bite occurrence will determine how much you will be awarded in the settlement for your injuries. For instance, if you were voluntarily on someone else’s property at the time that the dog bit you, it is typically very difficult to win a case like this one. If you were bitten by a dog in a public place and the dog was not under its owner’s control at the time of the incident, your case will be considerably easier to prove. However, please keep in mind that the specifics of the event that you report will play a significant role in determining the result of your case. Because of this, it is extremely vital to have a personal injury lawyer on your side that can fight for the appropriate amount of compensation to support your injuries.

To Fight The Insurance Companies On Your Own, You Will Need A Lawyer

Do not allow the insurance companies to take advantage of you by pointing the finger of responsibility for the dog bite incident onto you. A large number of insurance companies will make the baseless accusation that the victim provoked the dog in some way; leading to the dog’s biting the person. The insurance companies will not be able to get away with these shenanigans if they are represented by an experienced personal injury attorney.

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