IFvod TV App: One of the Best Apps for Chinese Users to Watch TV & Movies


If you’re looking to watch TV and movies on your Android device, chances are you’ve heard of IFvod TV App at least once. Released by Chinese firm iFeng in 2014, the app has quickly become one of the most popular of its kind, racking up over 4 million downloads on Google Play and the Apple App Store so far. But what exactly makes IFvod TV App so popular? Is it worth downloading? Here are some of the key features that make this app so awesome.

What is IFVOD?

IFVOD is an app available on Android and iOS that allows users access to a huge library of movies and TV shows. This includes many popular titles, as well as rarer selections. Almost everything is subtitled in English, making it easy for non-Chinese speakers. The app can be used on a daily pass or subscription basis – so whether you want to watch just one movie or subscribe monthly, there’s an option available. It’s also possible to download content on a per-movie basis if WiFi isn’t available at home or you’re just plain cheap like that!

There are several ways to pay for your subscription, including PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. In addition to being able to stream from your phone or tablet, you can also use your computer with their desktop application. There are more than 50 million registered users across all platforms (Android/iOS/PC), with over 400 million downloads total – showing how popular it is among its target audience.

How do I use IFVOD app?

IFVOD is a great app that offers its users hundreds of hours of free and premium entertainment. In order to use IFVOD, you’ll need an Android device. Make sure your version is at least 2.3 or later before installing any app from outside China—you can find out more information on how to change your Google Play settings by clicking here.

Once IFVOD has been installed on your phone, you’ll be prompted with various options, including movies, TV shows, news programs and even interactive games! If you’re ever feeling bored or in need of something new, IFVOD is a great option as there’s always something new playing daily. It’s simple to use just make sure you have some time set aside, so you don’t miss anything!

Which Smartphones are Compatible with IFVOD?

Although there are many similar programs that let you watch movies and TV shows, IFVOD has very few competitors. It’s an app designed for any device with an android operating system (such as smart TVs) and gives you access to a large selection of international media. In fact, it can provide more content than Netflix and Hulu combined. How do I install IFVOD on my Android box? Start by going into your app store and downloading it onto your device… that’s all! (Because Android is so popular, many devices already have it pre-installed.) If not, don’t worry; it only takes about three minutes to set up. You’ll be watching TV in no time! What if I’m having trouble installing IFVOD? Not to worry—we’ve got instructions for every single type of Android device out there.

Will my Internet connection work well enough to stream videos through IFVOD? The best way to make sure your connection works well enough is to test it first. Open up your browser and go online using your mobile data or WiFi connection. Once you’re online, open up YouTube or another video streaming site like sho or Vimeo, then try playing a video. If it works without interruption, then great! You’re ready for some entertainment through IFVOD TV APK Download on your Android device.

How do I install the IFVOD app on my TV box?

The first thing you need to do is select a device that supports the IFVOD app. For more information on which devices support IFVOD, visit our website. If you’re not sure which device you have, check with your local retail store or contact customer service directly. Once you’ve made your selection, follow these steps: Download and install an APK downloader from Google Play or from another source Open up your APK downloader, Search for IFVOD (You should find results from official sites like ours), Install IFVOD and launch it on your device Your TV box will need access to a reliable internet connection to stream content from IFVOD.

How to Start Watching on iPhone/iPad?

You can watch IFOOD on your iPhone/iPad via AirPlay. Turn on both your iDevice and Apple TV, select Apple TV as a display, and you will have access to IFOOD on your iPhone/iPad. For more details, please refer to our website. Android users should download WeShow app from Google Play Store and search IFOOD in it. Web users should log in to their accounts on their official website, ifood.tv with a PC or laptop first and then use AirPlay or WeShow app to stream content to iPhone/iPad.

Here are some features that you may like about IFOOD:

  • More than 1 million movies and dramas free to watch
  • No registration required
  • It can be viewed on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Available 24 hours per day. – You can watch movies/dramas with or without subtitles
  • No restrictions on downloads and streaming;
  • Easy to search by title, genre, actor, etc
  • No ads
  • Support multiple languages (simplified and traditional Chinese, English, Korean)
  • Supported devices include PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets
  • Android devices running 4.1 or above are supported. – iOS devices running 7.0 or above are supported. (iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and later)
  • Windows Phone users can watch IFOOD on their phones via WeShow app (search IFOOD in it)

For more details, please refer to their website.

Which devices support playing videos from the app?

Android phones, Android TVs, Amazon Fire Stick/TV. At present, our app is available on some Android phones (Android 4.0 and above), Android TVs (Android 4.2 and above), and Amazon Fire Stick/TV (Fire OS 5 and above). But there are plenty of users who can’t use the IFVOD app because their devices can’t support it at present; now, what should they do? The answer is simple: just buy a cheap phone or tablet!

According to experts, we recommend buying Android Go or Redmi 5A in China, which have about a $100 price tag. What is more important for us is that these devices can run apps under 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM configuration.

Can I play more than one video at a time with this app?

As long as you have a subscription and an internet connection, you can run more than one video at a time. In fact, it’s actually possible to watch several episodes at once if your computer has enough CPU power. With that said, it would be better if you only used one device for watching these videos because streaming multiple movies through your internet connection simultaneously will eat up all of your bandwidth very quickly.

That being said, there is no limit on how many times you can start or stop videos while they are in progress. It’s also worth mentioning that I personally tested whether or not pausing playback on one device affected another and it doesn’t seem to affect anything unless both devices are playing from your subscription. The bottom line is that you should be able to stream several videos at once without any problems.

What kind of videos can I watch?

With offline downloads, IFVOD lets you download shows and movies, which will be stored on your device. That means you can watch when there’s no internet connection or in areas where it’s unavailable. Just go to a movie or show page, select Download on phone/tablet and then select Play offline. The movies and episodes are available in up to 1080p HD quality; depending on your device, you can download up to 200 hours of content without filling up its storage. If you use Android devices with version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher, there is no limit on how much content you can download. What kind of subtitles can I choose from?: You can choose from many different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. There are also plenty of subtitle options like Closed Captions that you can turn on if watching TV at work or late at night bothers others around you.

To change your subtitle settings, just go to My Subtitle Settings > Choose Language> English (or whichever language you prefer). From here, click Download New Subtitle Packs and browse through our selection of free subtitles until you find one that works best for you. Once downloaded onto your device, simply select it from My Subtitle Settings > Current Language. This way, even if someone else changes their subtitle settings while watching a movie or show together with you, they won’t affect yours!

How does the offline download feature work?

If you’re stuck on a plane or in an area with spotty internet, it may be hard to enjoy your favorite shows. If so, IFVOD is here for you. Just like Netflix and Hulu Plus, IFVOD gives users access to lots of different movies and TV shows—but also features an offline mode, letting users watch videos without the internet. Here’s how it works. First, download a title from IFVOD’s Android app. To do so, simply tap on one of their show images; when your selection is finished downloading (which takes about 10 seconds), you’ll be able to start watching immediately! Second, go into settings. You can find these by tapping on your avatar at the top right corner of any screen within IFVOD’s app.

Once there, click settings and then download queue. From there, choose which titles you want to save offline by clicking save video for offline viewing. You can only save up to 100 titles at once, but that should be plenty if you plan ahead! Note that saving a video will take up around 500MB of space per hour saved; make sure you have enough space before saving too many videos at once! That said, we hope these tips help—and happy watching!

How do I share my favorite content with others?

If you know a bit about what you’re doing, it’s easy enough to set up any kind of content-sharing app on Android. The easiest way is with an app called Pushbullet; just download it from Google Play, then push your screen from your phone to another device (like a tablet or computer) and watch things happen automatically. With Pushbullet setup, all that’s left is sending content from one device to IFvod TV App another. For a list of ways, you can share videos on Android devices, check out our list here. If other ways work better for you, let us know in the comments!

What resolution does it support, and what quality options are available?

If you want to get technical, there are a number of different screen resolutions that range from 480p (standard definition) all the way up to 2160p (4K Ultra High Definition). Some streaming apps support multiple resolution types and can be fine-tuned based on your preferences. If you prefer subtitles, most apps allow users to set whether they are available or not, as well as which languages they should be in. In terms of quality options, if you have a 4K UHD TV that supports 4K streaming, you can use it with some apps. However, many media service providers automatically compress your video stream into lower resolutions that fit within your Internet speed and device capabilities.


With a large number of movies and tv shows, IFVOD is one of the best android apps out there. The interface and overall experience is much better than most apps on the market, which makes it very appealing to users. The app also has categories to filter out what you are looking for and make it easier to find your favorite movies or tv shows. I have personally used IFVOD as well as other IFvod TV App streaming apps, and I think that IFVOD is by far superior in terms of quality and variety compared to any other app on Android Market. So if you love watching movies on your Android Phone/Tablet, then you should download IFVOD immediately!


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