Identity Verification


A set of unique traits and features ensures that a person’s identity verification is the same as it is supposed to be. It is also known as an attribute to the identical. It has many unique features. It is the most essential way of working online verification these days because it is associated with some unique features. It not only offers a great number of advantages online, but it also has a variety of things to do with the offline and practical system. There are a lot of fields in which identity verification plays an important role.

Verification of Identity

When we talk about verification, we claim that the person who he/she claims to be is the one who is the real person behind a process as well. It also prevents false authorization and false identities. There are several methods that offer the services of identity verification.

Face to face Process

A traditional face to face process of verification ensures that an individual who personifies himself or herself in any commercial office, store or branch should deliver his identity at the same time so that the agent can easily ensure and verify that the picture given has a correspondence with the one who is delivering the document.

Online working of Identity verification process

Different types of identity verification channels are developed these days for online working. But there is a condition that all these channels do not meet the criteria and necessary characteristics for the process, which could be successfully and safely carried out by verification. The use of images is the one method that does not meet the criteria of appropriate security standards.

On the other hand, streaming video identity verification is one that is quite secure, and it also meets the criteria for the legal requirements of remote identity verification.


There are several software that helps ensure that a person or someone who is an online user is the one they say is in the real world. A ton of software was created to trust and beware of the identify frauds and it complies with privacy as well. In business, so many software are used for their legal requirements and needs. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Jumio
  • People
  • LexisNexis LexID
  • Cognito Identity Verification
  • Boku mobile identity

How does online identity verification work?

 It is an authentication process that compares the a person is claiming and processes with the data provided and proves it. Birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and social security guards are among the service providers of the objective truth of verification.

  • In Jumio verification, there are a few steps by which we can check the of an individual. These steps are as follows:
  • ID proofing check
  • Similarity check
  • Liveness check
  • Definite answer

Uses and applications of Identity verification

There are many uses of verification. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Banking and finance, In bank account opening and some of the bank’s financial procedures, it is used.
  • In the telecommunications and insurance industries, the procurement of products and some services are done with identity verification.
  • In several different apps and platforms, the log-in process requires authentication, giving access to the facilities and buildings.
  • The most important function and use reside in the administration and government sector. Here, the renewal of ID documents and certificate issues is done by verifying the person’s.

Partners of Identity verification

 Electronic identification and EID offer great importance for customer onboarding and some citizens who are using  verification services. In this case, Video ID, Smile ID, and Signature ID are some simple and definite qualified electronic solutions for all types of documents and needs.


In short, ID verification is a vital component of identifying a person online and offline as well. Many companies and business headquarters are using the ID verification process as an essential component for access to the person and for accessing the digital service. In this way, a client’s effectiveness can be automatically increased.


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