I Don’t Need to Get More Sh$! Done.

Need to Get

Enough with the more is better mentality and societal pressure to excel — on its terms. I’m tapping out. I need less, not more. Less stuff, less stress, less combativeness, less ambiguity, fewer choices, fewer tasks, fewer friends. Yet, more genuine and reciprocal relationships.

I am, and always have been, a conservative, type A, ISTJ, a ‘Red’ temperament with a heavy tint of ‘Blue’. A a detail-oriented, focused, driven, and task-oriented person. Pick the personality type descriptor.

“Understanding Myself” Assessment

The Big Five Aspects Bolded done

Temperament Test Assessment

Four Temperaments Test by the Eysenck Method

What I want, what I need, are genuine relationships and interactions, not transactional achievements. I’ve ‘accomplished’ enough of those.

I seek to be content, accepting, satisfied — ultimately, sustainably happy.

Achieving more money, a better job, more status, more possessions — more stuff — won’t bring me what I truly crave.

I wish to stop burdening myself with myself, others do enough of that for me.

I should probably stop taking assessments too done.


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