HP 867254-001 300GB 15000RPM Hot-Swappable Hard Drive Specifications and Performance


A Hot-swappable hard drive lets the users replace the device without powering it off and any disruptions. If the hard drive-in storage array flops, then the system uses a redundant hard drive. The HP 867254-001 is an affordable swappable hard drive that comes with a storage capacity of 300GB. The storage device is ideal for users looking forward to storing several files and getting the maximum output out of their gadget. Let’s review this hard drive by discussing its specifications, features, and reviews from the users. 


  • Product: HP Enterprise Drive – Sas 12GB per second
  • Capacity: 300 GB
  • Type: hot-swappable hard drive 
  • Interface: Sas 12gb/s
  • Form Factor: 2.5 Sff
  • Data Transfer: 1.2 Gbps
  • Dimensions (inches): 3.1 X 5.4 X 0.6 
  • Spindle Speed: 15000 Rpm
  • Bundled With


  • Spindle Speed: 15000 Rpm
  • Seek Time: 2.72 Ms
  • Transfer Rate: 1.2 Gbps
  • Track to track: 0.22 Ms

Environmental Parameters

  • Maximum operating temp: 95 °f
  • Minimum operating temp: 50 °f


Following are some of the features of HP 867254-001 enterprise hard drive 

Enterprise Hard Drive

The hard drive offers the best level of reliability and performance for most of your demanding workloads. This Enterprise hard drive helps you enhance server response times, accelerate data transfer speed, and provide more power transactions/second. 

In addition, the Enterprise hard disk drive is backed by 3.35 million hours of qualification program and rigorous testing, making sure that the customers get rugged and reliable drives. The device prevents unauthorized access to the data with HP Signed Firmware. 

You get the assurance and security you need to drive firmware as it comes from a reliable source and defends against attacks. 

Serial Attached SCSI 

It is the logical progression of SCSI counting its long-established serial physical connection interface and software benefit. With increasing business storage needs and becoming complex factors including greater density security, scalability and bigger capacity accessibility are more critical than ever. 

The enterprise data centers must be online to fulfill requests from several users instantaneously, let for constant growth and expansion. The SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) meets all these requirements while providing the best performance.

Smart Carriers

The smart carrier’s HP hard drive is designed to deliver an interface so that the device can communicate management information and critical status. The spinning activity ring and system status LED icons to reflect the data-writing process that notifies consumers about the current system status. The light situated at the back of the handle can be remotely activated to guide users, while a don’t-remove icon is placed on the eject of the tray that lights up to inform consumers about the removal of the hard drive.

Performance and Reliability 

Buy HP Server Hard Drives as it is ideal for high-performance computing, transaction processing, big data analytics, and database applications. A wide-ranging portfolio provides 2.4 Terabytes of Storage. This efficient hard drive provides you with the power for space-controlled data centers. Modern SAS 12G interface for enhanced performance and consistent and Stable portfolio of devices providing steady supply and long-life cycles.

Benefits of Using an HP Hard Drive

  • Affordability: When it comes to affordability, the HP hard disk drives are considered the most pocket friendly. The devices such as the SAS-3Gb/s are economical compared to solid-state drives of a similar capacity. Obviously, the cost of production of hard disk drives is comparatively lower, and it is calculated per MB. 
  • Larger Storage: hard disk drives are found to have bigger storage capacity options. The standard drive comes with a capacity of 500GB, and it goes all the way up to 4TB. Also, the latest variants of HP hard drives released include a bigger storage capacity compared with the typical ones. If you Buy HP Hard Drive, you can expect to save the bulk of data. Also, devices containing up to 6GB capacity can also be found. 
  • Availability: hard drives are easily available in the tech market. Compared to other storage mediums, such as USB and SSDs, hard drives are easily sourceable. One of the reasons behind this is; that hard disk drives come in greater quantities. Either internal or external, there are high chances that you will find your desired devices in any tech shop. Several computer users still purchase hard drives, specifically if their aim is to upgrade their personal computers. 
  • Non-Volatile Memory: have you ever thought about what it looks like when you lose your data during a power loss? It’s certainly no less than a nightmare for anybody. Volatile storage devices do that. You can experience several issues as one cannot survive without vital data, files, and information. 

The good thing about HP hard drives is: that these devices are non-volatile and manage to retrieve information. This way, they guarantee the protection and safety specifically of valued data. 

Final Words

There is no doubt that HP hard drives are among some of the top desired storage devices. One can definitely go for them if he wants reliability, performance, and affordability. The HP 867254-001 is the best example, as the device is equipped with most of the latest features. Although it is a refurbished one, it still offers the same performance as any other new hard drive. So, we would suggest you give this drive try; we hope that you enjoyed reading this post. For more of these, stay in touch with us.


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