How to Use Tech To Catch a Cheating Partner


Statistics show that year over year infidelity in relationships continue to be on the rise, with advancements in digital technology making cheating easier and more enticing than ever. In a twist of irony, these same technological advancements have also helped expose some cheating behaviours, bypassing the need for various spy apps. In this article the professional Toronto cheating spouse investigators at Haywood Hunt & Associates, reveal several ways in which technology can aid in catching an unfaithful partner red-handed.

Did you know there are numerous technological resources at hand for uncovering a cheating spouse, accessible to anyone? Often overlooked, smartphones wield powerful cameras, enabling real-time information exchange via mobile data. While modern tech simplifies cheating through instant communication, such as erotic video chats at one’s fingertips, it’s crucial to recognize that this very technology, when harnessed correctly, can unveil infidelity, even without relying on spy apps.

In the digital age, locating your partner has become easier through Find My Phone features incorporated by most phone manufacturers or by scrutinizing pinned or photo locations in their online posts, if enabled on their devices. Just as cheaters can engage in infidelity remotely, tech-savvy partners can employ similar tools to catch them. While open dialogue remains the healthiest approach to address a potential cheater, it’s often a lost cause due to the general lack of honesty from cheating individuals. If evidence of infidelity is being hidden by your partner, turning to technology may become the next viable option for discovery. Here are several ways in which technology can assist in identifying a cheating spouse.

Be Mindful of Locked Devices and Concealed Messages

Many individuals secure their gadgets for privacy, but sudden changes in this behaviour might signal secrecy. A spouse adopting newfound protective measures, such as setting up passwords, warrants deeper scrutiny. Interestingly, despite device locking, overlooked push notifications can reveal snippets of incoming messages.

Harness GPS Insights

Monitoring location history can shed light on one’s frequent haunts. Accessing this data—termed “previous destinations” for Google users and found in Google Timeline for Android—offers insights. However, it won’t apply to those with location services switched off. iPhone users can explore “frequent locations” under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations, if enabled.

Watch for Concealed Messages in Multimedia

Tech-savvy cheaters might embed images or audio within seemingly ordinary files using tools like DeepSound or QuickStego. These concealed contents require a specific code or keystroke for access, remaining undetected at first glance.

Consider Secondary Devices or SIM Cards

While not every individual with a second phone is engaged in cheating, the possession of an additional phone without a genuine necessity could imply the existence of a dual life. Similarly, the presence of an unexplained separate SIM card, even without an extra phone, raises considerable suspicion. divorce lawyer.

Inspect Digital Trails

Discovering digital receipts for products or services unused by you or your partner warrants thorough investigation. Similarly, unexplained collections of travel miles, PayPal transactions, and similar occurrences merit attention. Finding receipts for a hotel or resort your partner allegedly didn’t stay at during a reported conference is a significant red flag.

Probe Search Histories

A person’s digital footprint can reveal much through their device’s search bar auto-fill suggestions. Try typing through the entire alphabet to see if it auto-populates with dating sites or adult content. While some individuals may delete their search history, remnants often remain, offering clues about frequently visited websites and common search topics divorce lawyer.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Utilizing location services like Find My Phone (Android) or Find My iPhone (iOS) can pinpoint a partner’s whereabouts. Inconsistencies between their claimed location (e.g., work) and the actual location might necessitate further investigation.

Examine Cloud Services and Encrypted Tools

Cloud connections often auto-upload media. And checking these accounts or exploring platforms like Keepsafe (without valid reasons) can reveal concealed files. Services like Keepsafe. Hide it Pro. Or Vault. While not designed for cheating. Can be manipulated to support deceptive actions using their security features.

Resorting to technology to catch a cheating spouse should be considered a final option. It’s important to note that some of the methods mentioned earlier might be illegal in certain jurisdictions due to privacy laws. If you suspect your partner of infidelity and aim to gather evidence that can be admissible in court for a divorce lawyer, consider seeking assistance from licensed and reputable private investigators. Hiring professional investigators is the safest and most legally sound approach to obtain credible information that can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.


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