How to Sell Wholesale Water Bottles Online 

How to Sell Wholesale Water Bottles Online 

Water bottles are increasing and an environmentally-friendly trend. As the people are interested in buying stylish water bottles. In this way, they are replacing the one-use water bottles that are harmful to the whole ecosystem.

Humans need 8 glasses of water in a day to keep the body hydrated. And these stylish bottles are the best choice. These not only fulfil the need for water but their attractive designs give a good impact on personality.

It is a profitable option and today we guide you on how to sell the wholesale kitchen accessories online and earn a good profit margin from it.

Let’s start with the main topic.

How to Sell Wholesale Water Bottles Online

  • Selection of Right Platform

To sell the water bottles, there is a need for an online platform. The selection of the right platform will lead to a target audience. Following are major online platforms to sell water bottles.

  • Develop a Website

The direct method is developing a website for the wholesale water bottle business. Through the website, the customers directly contact you for product inquiries or order-making.

The business owner has strong control over all features and functions of the website. At the same time, websites help in the brand building of the business.

But there is a need to spend a huge amount to develop a website.

  • Wholesale Platforms 

The next option is online wholesale platforms. These are the online wholesale platforms that are specially designed for Business-to-Business dealing.

A few easy steps allow you to register as a wholesale water bottle distributor on that platform and the president of the complete bottle catalogue to the retailers. It is cheaper than developing a website.

  • Social Media Platforms

Its name gives the concept that it is specifically for socializing purposes. But statistical data show social media platforms are used successfully for business purposes.

There are a number of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. that have many business accounts. And these businesses are selling their products effectively.

  • Selling Strategy According to Online Platform 

After selecting an online platform, now plan a selling strategy. Then add the following basic points in the strategy.

  • Quality Products

For wholesale water bottles quality products mean the material of water bottles is good for drinking water, styles and designs should be according to trends.

Normally plastic bottles are available with a variety of designs but metal and glass bottles are also admired a lot.

There is a need to maintain the stock according to demand.

  • Pricing Strategy 

As a wholesaler, you need to plan a pricing strategy. The main purpose is to earn profit by selling wholesale quantities of bottles.

So, give discount offers for larger quantities. It will attract retailers who want to buy wholesale bottles. As for pricing policies like gifted, periodic sales, etc. also help to boost sales.

  • Strict Payment and Return Policies 

As it is a wholesale water bottles business and it deals in large quantities.  So, the payments are also in larger amounts. For this reason, there should be strict payment and return policies to avoid any loss.

  • Marketing Plan for Water Bottles Business

For newly established businesses, it is necessary to spread awareness about the business. So, use a digital marketing strategy for the water bottles business.  For this purpose, follow the budget you have.

Use social media platforms as it is the most cost-effective way of marketing.

  • Customer Service

As the business has shifted to eCommerce, customer service has become more important. The customer should have easy access to all information and provide assistance to buy wholesale bottles. It is the one thing that creates loyalty in customers.

In a Nutshell

These are some tips to sell wholesale water bottles online. This industry is growing because it is helpful to replace the one-use mineral bottle water.

Now share your reviews with us. Which type of bottles are used in your home? Do prefer to buy mineral bottled water or use a reusable water bottle to carry water with you.


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