How to Plan a Holiday on a Budget


With the cost of living constantly rising and our wages not increasing nearly as much, sunny holidays on the beach or an exciting city break may seem out of reach for many of us. But even if you’re on a tight budget, with the proper planning that holiday is absolutely achievable. Put in the right planning and take time to search for the best deals and you’ll be jetting off in no time.

It’s all in the planning

As fun as a spontaneous holiday can be, it’s not always the easiest on your wallet. To get the most out of your holiday for less, you will need to take some time and do some careful planning. Consider how long you can afford to go away, where you can get the best prices, what activities you will do when you’re there and where you will eat. If you plan properly, you can save a lot of money and still have an incredible holiday. Planning properly will also give you lots of ideas on how to stay out of debt and still get to take regular trips.

One of the first things to consider is when you’ll be going on your trip. Travelling on the off-seasons can drastically lower the costs of travelling, with everything from flights to accommodation to activities becoming discounted by as much as half.

Booking your holiday in advance is a great way to ensure you are getting the best deals on both flights and accommodation. If you are booking far enough in advance you can compare prices at different times of the year as well as find the best flights for your budget. Costs on flights can skyrocket as the dates get closer, and last-minute flights tend to be some of the most expensive.

When it comes to packing, write a list of everything you will need for your holiday and make sure to pack it all. Running into shops at the airport to pick up the shampoo and suncream you forgot to pack can really eat into your holiday budget, so be well prepared to avoid unexpected expenses.

Look for great deals

One of the biggest costs of any holiday is the accommodation, but cutting costs doesn’t have to mean you can’t stay somewhere nice. Consider alternatives to a hotel, such as a guest house or an Airbnb. Plus, renting out a home means you will have access to a kitchen where you can cook some of your own meals, saving you a lot of money on eating out. It also provides you with a bigger space to relax where you don’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on entertainment or drinks every night of your trip.

If you’re looking to go even further on your accommodation savings, consider staying in a hostel. Despite their reputation as grubby party houses for young travellers, some hostels can be a really great place to stay. Different hostels will have different setups, so you will be able to find a hostel that is accommodating to families if you are travelling with the kids, or single-gendered rooms if that would make you more comfortable on a solo trip. No storage for your excess bags in the room? Use a bag service like luggage storage Boston to store bags at affordable rates. Whatever you’re looking for, hostels can be a great choice to make your dreams come true. They are also a wonderful place to meet people and socialise, sharing tips and tricks for your time wherever you are.

If you travel often, whether it’s for pleasure or for business, then consider trying to travel more consistently with just one airline and sign up for their rewards scheme. It can be easy to earn and build up frequent flyer points, and when you’ve built up enough you’ll be able to get significant discounts on some flights, or even get some for free!

Consider finding ways to earn money while you travel. If you are lucky enough to be someone who can work from home or on the go, take your laptop with you and work during the days and explore and relax on your time off!

Alternatively, there are some hostels that will let travellers work in their business to cover the costs of their stay, so if you are planning on taking a long trip this may be a great way to keep costs low, and make some great friends while you’re at it!

Travelling on a budget can still be great fun. If you take the time to plan and find the best bargains, you can take the trip of your life much more cheaply than you might expect. Being tight on cash doesn’t mean you should miss out on experiences, just put in the time to work out what kind of holiday is achievable for you and your budget and have the time of your life!


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