September 26, 2022

After a hectic day at work, you want to see movies and you can’t afford a hole in your pocket. So, there are methods where you can avoid it and it’s jailbreaking a fire stick. This article on ‘how to jailbreak a fire stick’, it’s very much written in detail.

After a hectic day at work, you decide to spend the night with your family watching their favorite movie and the only glorious thing you need is a fire stick with some snacks. A fire stick can turn your normal TV into a smart TV with just an HDMI port and you can stream all the videos with just a remote. It contains pre-installed channels and to subscribe to them, you can get a blow in your pocket. Sit tight! Because in this article I am going to talk about a method which will help you watch all the movies free of cost. The discussion will be on ‘how to jailbreak fire stick’ and many more….

What is a fire stick?

The Fire stick is a video streaming device shaped like an oversized USB flash drive that plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI video input. It stores files and changes your TV into smart TV enabling features to stream every movie or video. 

Looking into the disadvantages, you have to always pay the subscription fees whenever you are watching through these and that’s where you should learn how to jailbreak fire stick and watch the movies free of cost.

What is a jailbreak fire stick?

Jailbreak is just passing the restrictions and entering the endless pool of the stuff. A jailbroken fire stick is just a diamond out of the coal mine. It allows you to access all the movies without any boundaries and unlimited streaming at any time. 

It helps in installing the apps outside of the Amazon App store and helps in streaming unlimited entertainment content through it.

Today we are going to see how to jailbreak fire stick in 10 seconds

Jailbreak a firestick in 2021 has become a much ease task and anybody with any basic knowledge can do it. You don’t need to be from any fields to jailbreak a fire stick.

How to jailbreak a fire stick?

  1. Install the apk ‘Downloader’ in your fire stick for getting access to third-party apps.
  2. Install the downloader apk and open settings.
  3. From settings, get the ‘My fire TV’ option and enter the developer options from there. 
  4. Switch the ‘ADB debugging on, click on ‘install apps from unknown sources, click on ‘downloader’, and turn it on. 
  5. Next open preferences and from the privacy settings, set the ‘device usage data’ and ‘collect usage data’ to OFF mode.
  6. Now click ‘Data monitoring’ and turn it OFF.

Now let’s see how to Jailbreak fire stick TV:

  1. In the downloader search box, type and wait for it to download the Kodi 18 app.
  2. After the Kodi app is installed, click and run it and your fire stick is jailbroken.
  3. First of all, you should be warned about getting into trouble while watching copyrighted content from any third-party apps. So, you need to download a VPN to restrict the government from viewing your ISP address whenever you’re using such apps.
  4. After setting up the VPN, you need to download Kodi add-ons or builds to watch the jailbroken fire stick channels with joy.
  5. You need the add-ons or builds to source the contents (movies, shows, live tv) from the internet because the Kodi app can’t itself do it.

There are many add-ons available. Here is the list of some of the quality streaming add-ons:

  1. Venom add-on
  2. Exodus redus
  3. Descent
  4. The crew
  5. Magic dragon

Kodi builds are not that needed to stream. It just makes the experience with Kodi better. It’s optional. With all these, you have the ultimate jailbroken fire stick and you are all set to enjoy the snacks and have movie time with your family.

Always beware of the tricksters who use the jailbroken fire stick for sale and earn money. I have seen people doing it. Jailbreak a fire stick is much easy and it doesn’t need any other support. Just follow the ‘How to jailbreak fire stick’ section and you will be able to do it easily.


Q. ‘Has anyone gotten into trouble for using the jailbroken fire stick?’

A. Jailbreaking a fire stick is completely legal and there are no trouble issues for doing it. But keep in mind you don’t visit/download the copyrighted content, only then you can get into trouble. But this issue can also be solved using the VPN. So, don’t worry and have fun.

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