How to increase Snap Score Effectively in 2023

increase Snap Score

As of my last update in September 2021, Snapchat’s scoring system, also known as Snap Score, is a measure of your overall Snapchat activity. It increases based on the number of snaps you send and receive, stories you post, and other engagement on the platform. While I don’t have access to future developments in Snapchat or any changes they might make to their scoring system in 2023, here are some general tips on how to increase your Snap Score effectively:

 1. Send and Receive Snaps:

Engage in regular conversations with your friends by sending and receiving snaps. Each snap you send and receive adds to your Snap Score.

2. Post Stories:

Sharing stories on your Snapchat account can also contribute to your Snap Score. Add photos or videos to your story regularly to keep your engagement level up.

3. Chat with Friends:

Use the chat feature to send text messages, photos, and videos directly to your friends. The more you interact, the more your Snap Score may increase.

4. Open Snaps and Stories:

Opening snaps and viewing stories sent to you can boost your Snap Score as well. Make sure to check your inbox and view the content your friends share.

5. Snapstreaks:

Maintaining Snapstreaks with your friends can significantly increase your Snap Score. A Snapstreak is achieved by sending snaps to a friend every day continuously.

6. Explore Discover Content:

Interacting with the Discover content, which includes publisher stories and shows, may also contribute to your Snap Score.

7. Snap Map:

Use the Snap Map feature to see where your friends are and interact with their location-based content.

8. Engage with Snapchat Games:

If Snapchat offers games or interactive features in 2023, participating in these activities might contribute to your Snap Score.

It’s important to note that Snap Score is not the sole purpose of using Snapchat. Focus on enjoying the platform, staying connected with friends, and sharing meaningful content. Building meaningful connections and interactions are more important than a high Snap Score.

As Snapchat may evolve and update its features, keep an eye on the app’s official documentation or announcements for any changes to the scoring system or new ways to increase your Snap Score.


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